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McDonalds Custard Tarts Lock Rss

Ok so I just had a custard tart from McDonalds and it was delicious! But I have only just realised that while pregnant you should stay away from custard because of egg? Is this right? Im kinda worried now that maybe custard tarts have raw egg. Or are all custard tarts baked?
Just worried thats all, so if you could please shed some light id be grateful!!
i never knew you couldnt have custard until a lil while ago! not sure whats in it that makes it a no no but i personally would stay clear of it (i had food poisoning when i was 34 wks preg with DD - not good!)especially if its something that gets reheated and is only luke warm. if you have them piping hot might be ok though but ask your MW or DR what they think if your worried!
Are you in NZ or Aussie? If you are talking about mccafe custard tarts in NZ, I'm pretty sure they are egg free. If anything contained egg, we had to probe it twice a day to check that it was below 4 degrees. And we didn't have to probe the custard tarts. I haven't worked there for about a year now, but I highly doubt they have changed suppliers.
Thanks ladies, I think its ok but not sure!
Laura.Jane- Im in Aussie, Im sure all the Mcdonalds would have the same sort of policies as NZ, Thanks for that info, made me feel a little better! But I think I will just leave them be until bubs arrives safely. So no more custard tarts for me!

Olivia'smum+bump- I never knew about custard either, that's why I was a little bit worried, there are so many things to avoid that It just gets overwhelming sometimes remembering what you can and cant eat. I dont remember things being so strict with my DD!
A lot of the custards you buy nowadays are egg free...had to look into it for DS2, so I would think you should be safe.
not sure about the maccas ones but i always have the custard lattice from bakers delight and they are make with egg powder, so no raw eggs. I would say the same with maccas.....its only the special cake shops that would prob do it homemade which would probably contain raw eggs.
Custard is cooked not a raw egg so you should be fine as long as the Maccas followed policy and only had things out for the time allocated. Ii know when I worked at Maccas we had to throw things out after a certain time.

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