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How much weight had you gained by 26 weeks? Rss

I was 60 at the start of my pregnancy, my weight was always the same due to a Vegan diet, now I'm 75, I started eating the average persons diet, but I still eat very healthy meals! I really think it's just inevitable tongue
i am 36 weeks and have only gained 7 kg, i started out at 59 kg and im now 66. i have also been diagnosed earlier on with gestational diabetes so have had to watch what i eat and exercise regularly. i had a scan last week to check on the growth of the baby and it was approx 6 pounds which is on the larger side of things for its gestation at 35 weeks so its not undersized at all. so what im trying to say is as long as babys healthy and growing it doesnt matter too much how much weight you gain. everyones pregnancy is different as are their bodies. i would recommend maybe getting a bit of exercise so its not too hard to loose the weight at the end of the pregnancy.
Hi im 30 years old, Im Currently 27 weeks pregnant and weigh 97.6kgs i weighed 94kgs when i found out i was pregnant i have almost gained 4kgs is that unheathly im really worried what im going to weigh at 40 weeks az i had DVTs in my past pregnancys this is my 3rd child az i have a have 8 year Daughter and 7 year old son. Anyone reccomend what i can do to keep this weight down i already get shortness of breath but having Ashma doesn't help i really want to try stay heathly to have a safe pregnancy im booked for a c-section at 39 weeks because of my medical history with the past pregnancys going so wrong. What is a heathly weight to weigh at 39-40 weeks plz for my size.
My first pregnancy I put on about 22kgs. This time round iv gained 10kgs and I'm almost 29 weeks. To be exact I think I was about 68kgs at 26 weeks. So had gained about 8kgs by that time. I wouldnt worry about weight gain. Its gunna happen either way and some put on more or less than others, Also it may have nothing to do with how much you eat but rather fluid retention, placenta, boob size-heaps of different things. The best thing is it can all be lost once baby is born.

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