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Baby Showers? Lock Rss

just curious how far along were you ladies when you decided to have your baby shower? also wats some good games to play smile
I was 34 weeks (that's 3 1/2 weeks ago now). Little later than I probably wanted but it was the date that was best for my best friend who organised the games.
We did:
spit the dummy
scull a drink from a baby bottle
treasure hunt for baby items around the house
nappy stack (how many nappies can you put on your head and walk around without them falling off)
pin the dummy on the baby

Everyone really enjoyed the games - it was fun for me watching my friends play them!
My sisters organized mine for when I was just over 36 weeks (as pp said, a bit late, but the only date we all had free!)...We played pin the dummy on the baby, guess the baby food flavour (jars of baby food with no labels), guess the weight, sex and dob, and how many jelly babys in the jar.
I was 36 weeks and asked for no games! not really my thing smile
They say after 27weeks is a good time. I had mine bang on 27 weeks and wished I had it later. I had no bump to show and most of the convo centered around that
for me i didnt have any games as was just a small brunch type thing as most of my friends couyldnt make it at the time, but my sisters shower we played:
baby trivia,
guess how big mums tummy is (with a peice of string),
match the celeb to baby & which celeb is which baby,
what feature does mum want bubs to have from her and dad,
gues dob, time & weight
was alot of fun! (she was 36 wks i think!)
I had my baby shower at 36 weeks this time will be having it earlier as last time I brought so much for my son there was nothing for anyone else to buy so this time will be having it maybe 26weeks or even 30 weeks but I would like to be able to make the most of everything that ppl buy me:)
I was 32 weeks or there abouts.
didnt play many games though.
we played one sort of like the dummy game, but everyone started with 5 pegs.
they also decided that they would give me a make over, sounds harmless but the ones doing the makeovering were blind folded. i looked like a scary clown mellow
had bub shower @ 27 weeks
some games
pin the sperm on the ova
put nappy on doll - blindfolded or one hand
guess the babyfood
how many jelly babies in the jar
match the word baby in various languages to country
remember the nursery rhyme
animal babies matched with adults

had wrapped prizes in a basket for winners to chose from

have fun!
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