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What size did you go from - to after your pregnancy? Lock Rss

I was a size 10 before I was pregnant, I'm now 22 weeks and I'm a size 12.
I was just wondering what size most people may have jumped too after they had given birth?
I was a size 12. Now I'm a 14..bordering on 16. This makes me sad.
Why is weight loss hard?

By that I mean- Why is the unhealthy option so easy? It should be the other way around =D

I'm actually one of the lucky ones that loses weight after having kids - shame I can't afford to have any more!!

I was size 18 - 20 pre kids. After first DD (who is now 5) got down to size 16, mainly due to breastfeeding. After 2nd DD who is now 14 months I am down to size 14. Althought I will be finishing up breastfeeding soon so really need to start fitting some sort of exercise into my daily routine as I won't ever get the benefits of breastfeeding again. Hmmmm, maybe should stop eating chocolate every day too ......
LOL that chocolate! Worse cravings now than when I was pregnant!! haha

I was a size 8-10 pre pregnancy, stayed a size 10 during pregnancy and straight after pregnancy I went to a size 8, now I'm back to 8-10.

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

I was a size 8-10 pre-pregnancy and now i'm a size 12 (mostly), sometimes 14.

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I was a 12 and now a 16-18 blink
I was a 12..I'm now a size 14-16.

I'm not really too fussed though. I would love to be back to my pre preg size right now, but it's only been 5 months. I don't expect it to fall off lol

DF still loves the way i look as well smile And I don't care if I'm skinny or not. I just find some clothes that make me feel sexy and I'm sweet haha wink

i was an 8 pre-pregnancy, got up to a 12 through pregnancy then dropped to a 7 after pregnancy, i seem to have the opposite problem to some of you....i cant put weight on...i try and try and try and cant do it. ah well. im pregnant again so looking forward to seeing the scales in the 60kg mark
With my first I was size 18 when pregnant then lost 20 KGs while pregnant and after when breastfeeding got to size 12.
Then sadly went back to work and put back on.

This pregnancy at start was size 16 still am size 16 and am 31weeks preg. Hoping to lose that weight again when I breastfeed smile
I was size 10 pre pregnancy, size 10 - 12 during pregnancy (only put on 4kgs ds was born at 31w 2d) then after bub I got down to size 8 (I weighed less before pregnancy!) i wasnt trying to lose weight, i think it was just down to stress and worry about ds being born early and counting the days till he came home smile
Now I am size 10.....slowly creeping to size 12:(

I was a size 8 before, during and after pregnancy smile
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