Hi there,

I am looking for hope! My 6 week 4 day scan showed just an empty gestational sac that was 12mm. My 7 week 4 day scan showed a gestational sac that was 14mm (only 2mm growth and it should grow 1mm a day). But this time it had a yolk in it but still no baby. They said that with the lack of growth of my gestational sac and hcgs only slowly rising that it's likely a blighted ovum and I will need a d&c.

I thought a blighted ovum is supposed to have nothing it in (I have the yolk)

I am having one last scan tomorrow (8 weeks 4 days) to confirm.

There is no way I am any less than what I think I am because I know when we did the deed and I felt the implantation also.

I haven't been told that I have a tilted uterus but whenever I have a pap smear they always have trouble with the position of my cervix and trying to view it. I have heard that a tilted uterus can "hide" the baby and make you look less that what you are until later on in the pregnancy.

Any hopeful stories? I understand a fetal pole and heartbeat is usually seen when I had my first scan so please, I would love to hear from people who have either had a blighted ovum or seen their baby in a later scan.

Thankyou so much xxx