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Boob size during pregancy.. Lock Rss

Hey everyone..
Just wondered what its like for others.. did your boobs get bigger during pregnancy or stay the same?
For my first 2 pregnancies they pretty much stayed the same (got a bit bigger but not a huuge change maybe a cup) but during breastfeeding got bigger and after i stopped back down to small again..
Whos got bigger - stayed bigger.. or didnt get bigger at all?

I was a CC-D Cup bfr I was pregnant and am now a G cup lol.
Hating to see what happens when my milk comes in blink
with my son my boobs got huuuge really early and then kept getting bigger lol after i stopped breast feeding they got alot smaller and im 11 wks pregnant now and they are getting big again... i know alot of girls whos boobs pretty much stayed the same size during and after, lucky them lol i hate having big boobs - so uncomfortable!
Mine didn't change much with my first pregnancy and same with this one. Maybe from a D to a DD if anything.

mine got a tad bigger I could still wear my bras that I always wear I have small breasts and I didn't notice to much of a change OHHHH to have breasts

Yes mine are quite small as well.. it seems people ive talked to the ones that got alot bigger were bigger to start with...

I went from a 12b prepregnancy to a 16F late pregnancy, did not bf so went back to normal within a few weeks.Subsequent pregnancies went to a 14D? Now , 9 years after my last baby I have been a 12C since he was born.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Mine went from a nice 12 C to a DD when preg last time but then as I continuded to BF (from bout the 3rd month till 7ish when i stopped) went down to a D cup. Then after I fully stopped BF they went right down to a 12B!! Was very disappointed they were even smaller that before I was pregnant!! This time they have grown from that 12 B to a D cup now.. I have 7 weeks left so will prob get bigger went my milk comes in (I tend to make HEAPS of milk) I sooo hope they dont get any smaller than the B cup I was when I finish BF this time...
with my 1st went from a 10C to 14E! stayed the same after just went 12E, now 2nd time round boobs grown again am 12F -- arrrgghh i hate it i would love love to be a C cup again so much easier buying bras when your smaller!
Mine got a bit bigger with DS but this time round they seem alot bigger. Everyone is different though smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

with my first i went from a b to a c perminately but this bub so far they just feel heavy and sore lol but i am only 5 weeks haha so we will see wouldnt mind a d-cup hehe
I went from a 10e to a 12g within the first timester. Didn't change at all after that, I was dreading my milk coming in! But they didny change, i am BF now, when my boobs are full they would be a gg, but a g when not so full.
Mine stayed the same during pregnancy but just grew after she was born from 12D to 14E... I'm hoping they will go back smaller as I don't enjoy big boobs at all....
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