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Hi There
I just wanted to know if there was anyone else out there who has experienced Antenatal depression?...I knew when I got pregnanat about postnatal depression but had no idea that Antenatal depression existed! Believe me I do know, I have expreienced it basically from 15 weeks till now (30 weeks) and wondered if anybody else has been through a similar thing?
Wow i never new there was such a thing either.
However i did have some signs of depression but mine was brought on after my 20wk scan and they found my baby had a heart defect. I was having panic attacks in the supermarket at just felt really anti-social.
I remember feeling not so excited to have a baby (not as excited as i felt i should of). Often i felt like my family and friends were more excited than i was!
Now that my baby is born i feel stressed but not depressed.

I'm sure you will get through it, somehow us women just deal with things wink
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy smile
Its such a beast isn't it ? sad

I suffered an anxiety disorder prior to my first child and then suffered terrible post natal depression after he was born.

I am now 18 weeks with my 2nd and some days are better than others. I am not on any anti-depressants or anything and are just ploughing through the days. Although, once bub's out I plan on going immediately back on antidepressants to hopefully curve the post natal elsewhere !!!

I think its the unknown - do you agree ? I am still trying to come to terms with being pregnant again although it was planned. Reality is far different I guess !!

There must be so many women in our boat but it totally feels like you are alone. BUT YOU ARENT !!!

Chin up and lets gets through this !!!
I suffered really bad PND with my son, who was child no 2. He's now 2.5 years old, and I'm pregnant with bubba no 3. My doctor, psychiatrist and I all made the decision to continue on my AD's on a very low dose during this pregnancy so it doesn't get as bad as it was. I had antenatal depression with bubba no 1 too, but no PND... So I completely know what you mean. Just concentrate on the little life inside you and hopefully it will get better.

I had antenatal depression & post natal depression with my son who is now 2. I was put onto antidepressants by 20 weeks with him & the dosage was uped by 28 weeks. It was the hardest rollercoaster ride I had ever been on as I couldnt deal with anything related to being pregnant, couldnt leave the house & all I did was cry. After he was born things seemed worse & they were uped again along with regular visits to a psychologist.
Last June I went cold turkey off my antidepressants as I felt really ready & that I was coping well. I haven't been put back on them & I am now 28 weeks with our 2nd child. I still have moments where all I do is cry & have anxiety about alot of things but somehow this time around I'm doing well
Although I didn't know it at the time I probably did have a slight case of antenatal depression. I LOVED being pregnant but I lost a few 'friends' due to not being able to go out, drink and whatnot and that was quite upsetting.

Surround yourself with people that love you for YOU. Take time out to do fun things, like shopping with your girlfriends. Don't coop yourself up in your house, it will drive you bonkers.

In my experience I was probably at my lowest point between 20-34 weeks. After that I was excited beyond belief and now that my DS is here I couldn't be happier!
Yes I sufferes from it at the end of my second pregnancy. it was awful. i wrote about it on my blog recently as I was feeling very emotional about it leading up to my baby boy's first birthday. you can read my post here if you like!
all the best to you! you are not alone and there are people to help you
take care xx
im not sure if this is anything to do with this but im finding it really hard to cope with bubs moving this is my first baby, and just wanting to know from eveyone dose this may be antenatal depression.'s nice to know that I'm not insane and that there are other people out there who have suffered the same!!
Luckly I havn't had to take anti depressants however I have embarked on regular therapy sessions with a pshyco therapist and have found them hugely beneficial! My husband has also come with me to a few sessions, as he was bearing the brunt of my moods, which inturn was creating huge communication problems for us, which is the last thing we need with a new bubba coming! THerapy has not only helped my depression, but helped us as a couple to communicate better and also start to enjoy this pregnancy together, as before, I didn't realise it, but he told me that I had basically ruined the experience for both of us, he understands it was not intentional, however, that made me really sad, and was a big wake up call for me, that not only was I not enjoying things, but it was certainly putting a huge damper on it for him too!
Hi Ladies,
till today I didn't even know ante natal depression existed!
This is my third pregnancy & needless to say I had no such problems previously. the odd moody swing or foul mood, perhaps a wee bit socially withdrawn at times but that was about it.
i'm about 10 weeks pregnant & what I thought were just hormones messing with me, seems to be getting worse. It really full on when you have responsibilities & other children to look after.
I think thankfully that I have gotten onto it early hopefully something can be done & I can get on top of it. I will speak with my midwife & close friends. Nervous about going to a doctor as I don't want to be put on medication at this stage.
Thanks for sharing your stories & experiences, it helps.
I really just thought it was hormones.. I didn't even know about antenatal depression..
I was depressed from about 3 months until about 6 months and then have bouts of depression here and there.
I know on my birthday in June I cried for most of the day because my best friends live in Adelaide and I live in Melbourne.
I seem to get down so much easier and my anxiety flares up at the slightest thing.
I am a lot better now but I can totally relate to those dark moments.
I was suffering very bad migranes during my first pregnancy and my doc suggested they were from depression and I dismissed it straight away even though he was very accurate in describing exactly how I was feeling. I just wouldnt admit it. I had no interest in anything particulary things i usually enjoy, Our up and comming holiday seemed like a chore even though I had been so excited previously and picking out a new kitchen was an even bigger chore in the end I told hubby to do whatever he wanted.
Doc gave me some strong pain killers for the migranes and everyone even other doc's were telling me not to take them caus they would harm bub but one day my Doc said the effects of the medications on bub is a lot less than the effects of me not taking them. Without them I wasn't eating or sleeping much and in my worst moments the thoughts in my head where not good.
I ended up leaving work at 6 months and imediatly I felt 100% better. So I guess I figured out what was the main cause of it.

Best thing to do though is talk to someone about it. I wish I had of admitted it to my doc when he suggested it. Might have made things a bit easier.
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