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Hi! I really don't know how to start this.. It's so new to me. Anyway, I'm 5 months preggo and I'm needing an advice so bad! I'm feeling like I'm a bad mom-to-be as I have no clue what should I buy for my newborn baby. I haven't bought anything for my bubba and it's really making me sad *sobs* we went to the shop earlier and my golly it was so intense! I saw alot of things and diff kind of products and I'm so clueless seriously! I can't even buy a clothes as I don't know what size should I get.. Those zeros sizes are so confusing holy moly! I don't even know how many should I buy as I heard people talking about how fast their bubs grows.. I really don't have any idea and I can't ask my family about it as they don't know I'm pregnant sad please help me.. I wanted to make a list of things to buy for my newborn baby.. Like a list of every possible things I need to buy.. Gosh I feel so irresponsible and ignorant sad
All of my babies started off in size 0000 clothes, yes they grew fast but were still in them for 6-8 weeks.

You will Need:
Singlets/body suits
wraps to wrap bub in

Car seat
Don't get trapped into buying things you don't need. Stick to the basics as listed above. You might want to also think about whether you are going to bottle or breast feed. If you are going to bottle feed you will need about 4 bottles to start with plus a sterlizer, a bottle cleaner and formula. Don't worry too much. Find your local family health nurse and have a chat with her - they are great and can point you in the right direction and it is all confidential. Even your midwife can help.
Best of luck.
About 3-5 suits in sizes 0000 and 4-6 in sizes 000. My son never fit into size 0000 and he was just over 7lb7oz. Not sure what that is in kg, sorry.
Hi. Woolies usually have a '2 boxes of huggies for $66' offer every couple of months. That's how I get my nappies, and get ahead. I get big boxes of wipes (perfume free) from Big W. K-mart have the singlets that button up around the nappy for about $6, these are handy to keep bubs tucked in and warm. I bought a set (about 12) of cloth nappies, they make great spew rags and change mats. I've found that one piece suits are the best! My boys are tall but not plump enough to keep little pants up on their own smile so the one piece eliminates that problem completely.
I didn't use 0000. My first was born 7lb, 4oz (about 3.2kg I think) and my second was 9lb, 6oz (4.2kg).
We didn't bother with a bassinette, both boys just went in their cot. I have a set of flannnelette sheets and a set of cotton sheets for the cot. Plus a few blankets and a quilt. Between all that I can get the right combinations for whatever the weather is doing. No bumpers or anything else in the cot.
We have a change table, my partner is quite tall and finds it easier to change bubs on that, I do it on the floor but have a change pad down there incase he wees.
Both my boys had a bouncer, both loved it and used it well.
We've bought almost everything second hand. New, we got the carseat, cot mattress, cloth nappies, and after trying a couple of other ones we ended up buying a new pram too. Basically we figured as far as clothes go, if he wasn't going to be in it for long, there's no point spending too much money on it.
That's all I can think of at the moment!!
Hope that helps you out a bit smile
i also want to say thanks for that, cos i am in the same boat and clueless.
I would also strongly recommend a bouncer or a baby swing (dont get both, just one or the other)

I wouldnt get a bassinett unless you really want one, i didnt use one with either of my kids. Also i would get two sets of sheets for the cot, that way one can be hanging on the line while the other is on the bed.

Dont get caught up in all the "pretty" baby things, think practical!!

Also dont go overboard with the clothes. They truely dont wear the smaller sizes for that long, so only get a few in the smaller sizes - i wouldnt get any more than 5-6 jumpsuits in 0000 (after all they might only get one to two months out of them)

Also if your planning on breastfeeding, dont buy a pump straight away, wait the first few weeks until you make sure its for you. If it is i would recommend an eletric one over the manual but that was my personal preference

About 3-5 suits in sizes 0000 and 4-6 in sizes 000. My son never fit into size 0000 and he was just over 7lb7oz. Not sure what that is in kg, sorry.

Really? My girl was 7lb12oz and she was in 0000 for almost 2 mths!

My advice with clothes is try to get all-in-one suits that have press studs you can open up then place baby on. As a first timer you'll be a little nervous on how to 'manhandle' your bubs; i know before DD was born i didn't really think about the logistics of getting this tiny body into some of the things i'd bought!!!

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

I am getting a bassinet and a high chair, only because they will be given to me. I am also getting a cot given to me, but will buy a new mattress. Any recommendations on prams? My sister said get a decent one, but i need something that will fit in a Suzuki swift.
I wont worry about a change table as the floor or lounge will do just as good. Was thinking a rocking chair in the nursery. If i can find a cheap second hand one somewhere.

[url=]... a pregnancy ticker[/url]
hi there s_radley
i have a tiny car too (mazda 2) and getting a pram was hard! i finally decided on a valco ion. its really compact, lovely and modern and goes from newborn right up to 18kgs. i also got a bassinet things that clips on for when bubs is born cos im having a winter baby but you dont need to have that really smile
i think it was $350 for the pram and then another $100 for the bassinet add on, dont quote me though!
hope that helps!
Hi Radley,

Just wondering if you've found a baby bassinet that fits into a Suzuki Swift yet?
I am also in the same prediciment and have only recently found out I'm pregnant (I'm 9 weeks). I also have a Suzuki Swift RE4 so I'm thinking it's going to be too small for the baby and I'll have to update my car. I can't see a pram fitting into the boot lol. Plus my partner is 6 foot 2 so if I'm driving, he will be squashed that far into the windscreen lol.

I am very clueless about baby stuff too and what I should start buying. This is my first pregnancy, very unexpected too so it's still quite a shock.

Hi, I am also in the same boat of first time pregnancy and not sure on what to get.

I am 24 weeks along and I have not bought one single thing for our baby but have had so much (in the way of clothes etc) given to me. I have just gone and put our pram / carseat, cot and change table on lay by but other than that nothing...

Like many of you I feel like I am not providing for my unborn child sad I know everything will eventually work out but my biggest concern is trying to work out a design for the nursery.......

As we are having a girl, we would like to paint it a pink colour and also have some sort of theme but I just dont know what.... If any has any suggestions on where I can find some good ideas for nursery designs please let me know....
hi there, like everone else said dont go over board on clothes they do grow out of the small 0000 so fast! i got alot of suits given as gifts and some of them were never even worn! we had i tight budget and rarely only got what we needed which was cot and matress, car seat, stroller, the basic clothes onsies and body suits really are the best! got given a change table with a bath in it literaly only used a handfull of times found easier giving her a shower with her dad! and changed her on a mat on the lounge floor! bouncer are also a great buy!! and just all those bits like nappys , wipes etc etc youll firgure it out right away!
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