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How long did your morning sickness last? Lock Rss

Just wondering how long everyone's morning sickness lasted?

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and am suffering with terrible all day sickness. I'm taking Maxolon without much success. I have been feeling so crap and miserable. I just need to know there's light at the end of the tunnel! Don't think I'll cope if this lasts much longer....
With my first I had extreme all day and all night sickness non stop from 5wks til the day she was born at 41wks+3days...

This pregancy (I'm now 24wks) I started getting morning sickness at 5wks and still throw up most mornings... I can't eat any food til lunch time as I feel really nauseous until then lol hoping it won't be around for the whole pregnancy, it's kinda hard feeling sick and looking after a toddler grin

Hope you're one of the lucky ones and start to feel better soon!!
You poor thing, Im nearly 11 wks and it has stopped. As long as I make sure I eat, or then I will be sick.
Found it to be about the same with my first pregnancy as well.
The pregnancy hormone reaches it max at around 9 wks and so then the morning sickness should start to reduce.
Some people end up having moring sickness throughout their whole pregnancy, although not sure why its called 'morning sickness' as mine lasted all day.
I really hope it starts getting better for you very soon.
If you are really struggling my midwife told me to make up a berocca with a glass of water and then pour it into an ice cube tray and suck on those, apparently it is the vit B that helps. Ginger doesnt work at all.
With bub i had it from 5 and a half weeks till i was 16 weeks and i was sick all the time.
This time around it's just feeling sick but hardly any vomiting(sorry) and the doctor told me it should stop at 12 weeks which i'm really really hoping it does.
I've being looking up ways to handle it and found some good tips, so it may help you too.

I got vit b from the doctor and it only helps for a short period of time and then i felt worse than before and stop talking the tablets.

Mine subsided just after 20 weeks.............Then returned at 30 weeks!!!! WTF??? Super smell has returned and everything slightly wiffy sends me running to find a receptacle for my Technicolour yawn! LOL
This is my first pregnancy, mine lasted until 21 weeks and that was all day sickness.. Nothing seemed to help me but good luck for you hope you do get better soon
Still got my morning sickness/crap now.. have had it since week 7.

most people stop around week 12/13/14 as this is when the hormones back off for the second tri.. someone people like myself arent that lucky.
Mine lasted 16 weeks and was all day and night! not nice, and so glad to be over it! smile
my first the whole 42 weeks i was pregnant and with this one ive had it since a weeks ago and im 24 weeks~!

My 1st I had none at all....

My 2nd I had it til 14 wks......

My 3rd I had all day sickness til 12 wks, morning sickness til 20 wks.... then the morning sickkness came back at 30 wks til I had her
Hi everyone smile

Looking back to before I knew I was pregnant, i felt sick then, I also had hot flushes really badly, the constant daily morning/all-day sickness started about 5 weeks and lasted untill 19 weeks. I was vomiting as soon as I got out of bed (was often a run to the toilet) then I had to eat something straight away, i nibbled on dry food & toast for the whole 14 weeks! Nauseas all day and even at night time if I woke during the night! I really hope your sickess goes away quickly, its horrible! And, there isnt any indication how long each person is going to be sick for. Thats the hard part..
Hi all,
My morning sickness started at 5 weeks, it was all day and even at night if I woke! It started at 5 weeks, at 7 weeks I had to stop working. At 9 weeks and 13 weeks I was hospitalized.
Like you, maxalon was no good to me, after having no success I was given stemital suppository (that's fun when you feel like vomiting), it also was no good! At 16 weeks the doctor prescribed 'Ondansatron' also known as 'Zofran', this did work. Although very expensive, $9 per tablet and needed 10 a fortnight!
Most mornings I would wake up be sick take a tablet and then be fine for the next 24 to 48 hours. This allowed me to cope with daily duties as well as stay dehydrated.
In saying all of that most morning sickness clears up after the first trimester
I did vomit alot in the transition stage of labour until they gave me an
injection of Ondansatron. Good luck I hope it clears up soon!
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