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Not sure if this is a sign Rss

Okkkay, I went to the loo, sat on there trying to pee for 10 secounds, and I was having trouble trying to let the pee out, and yes I did have a full blatter , I was about to give up, and I finally peed but it was only a few drops.

My question to you girls is, Should I be worried? I rung mum and she said to keep an eye on it, but it's not a sign of premature labor, but she said that her's started off with bleeding and back pain when she had me.
This happens to me quite abit, i dont think its anything to worry about.
So it's normal? Thank gosh v.v thought it was going to start something haha and I was saying to bub "Don't come out early as I did."
Im guessing this is ur first pregnancy, with 1st pregnancy u tend to freak out about everything lol well i did anyway.
Yep my 1st pregnancy lolz. I only freak out yeah because it's my 1st, but because there's a stupid history in our family with either prem labor or born at 36+ weeks.

I am panicing because i was born at 26 weeks hoping I am not like that with this one.
Yeh that would freak me out to, just take it easy, im sure u'll b right.
Hm I'll try to tongue Thanks for ya help ^^
I'm only 17 weeks along and I feel like I have a full bladder ALL the time. Sit on the toilet and only like 2 drops come out!!
Very annoying! smile
hehe agreed tongue
Not sure about the prem labour.. Could you have a UTI though?? It's quite common in pregnancy, and sometimes you don't get the usual burning associated with UTIs.
Sorry! urinary tract infection
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