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scared about the size of bubs number 2 Lock Rss

Wondering if anyone knows if i can request a induction myself? my dd was 8 pd 9 oz and i am scared to have a even bigger baby this time round... =(

Wondering if anyone knows if i can request a induction myself? my dd was 8 pd 9 oz and i am scared to have a even bigger baby this time round... =(

Is there a reason you are a scared to have a bigger bub? Did you have problems with bub 1??

I'm just curious as my DS1 was 8pound 9, 11 days overdue, and my second was 9pound 14 and he was 10 days over. I'm preggers with number 3 now and although I'd really idealy (lol) love not to have a baby bigger than my last DS when booking into the hospital I said this and they said they'll do a s&s, but not sure if they meant early or on due date or what.

Sorry, as for your question, I'm not sure, you'd have to speak to your carer to see what they say. I'm not sure they'd say 8 pound 9 was an overly big baby unless you had complications, but I could be wrong. Good luck and hope your birth with bub#2 is a good experience for you smile
Sorry to get personal...but it depends on how much damage you got in the birthing process...tearing etc.

My first was 8 lb 10 but tore me to shreds, I was advised to have a C-section but declined (IDIOT) my next was 9lb 15 and got stuck and had to be removed by a 6 foot tall and 4 foot wide male midwife, lol.

My third I had a C-section at 37 weeks and bubs was 9lb 2 so it definitely had its advantages having him early.

Speak with your midwife/ob about it, but I think if you were intact down stairs you'll be fine, you also 'know' what you're doing next time round.

Good luck

Mum of three amazing people

I had a pro longed second stage labour where i was made to push for 5.5 hrs then nothing happened she was interior and posterior i was taken to theatre and was given a episomoty (sorry about the spelling my brain doesnt want to function today) lol and forceps was used in this process.. I dont want to have a c-section i would like to do it all myself if i am able to but i dont want a bigger baby as i am scared it will be worse...

No idea about induction sorry but im scared as well. DD was born at 36 weeks 6lb 11oz and from what people have been telling me that is big for 4 weeks early. Im scared about the size of this bub if DD is anything to go by. It helps im alot bigger so adds to my fears. Im trying not to worry and relaxing. Im hoping that what my midwife said about a good possibility going in the next 2 weeks at Saturdays app comes true.

Wondering if anyone knows if i can request a induction myself? my dd was 8 pd 9 oz and i am scared to have a even bigger baby this time round... =(

I'm not sure about requesting induction but, DS1 was 9lb 4 oz born at 37 weeks. I had an emergency c-section after a long labour because he didn't fit through. I was scared that DS2 would be even larger but, he was born at 38 weeks 1 day weighing almost a whole pound LESS than DS1 at 8lb 5oz.

Try to find an understanding midwife/OB who understands and respects your concerns. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy smile
Statistically speaking you're more likely to end up with a c/s after induction.
Hi there,

I too had a fairly traumatic 24hr posterior birth with DD1. I sustained a 3rd deg tear and ended up with a vacuum extraction, after pushing for 2 hrs. DD1 was 8pd, 3oz. I was petrified of a repeat performance with DD2.

DD2 was a breezy, 2hr labour with 1 push and she flew out. I still managed a 2nd deg tear but honestly didn't even feel it happen or during the next few days. DD2 was 8pd, 4oz so only 1 oz diff btwn my girls.

I'm not too sure about inducing for size of bubs, as I went 8 days over with DD1 and DD2 was 2 days overdue. I'd speak to your middie or GP about your concerns and just see what they say.

Good luck with it all and try not to stress too much about it grin


I had a 9p 3oz boy who is now nearly 2 and he was 5 days overdue. Rough ride and ended up with an emergency c-section.

We are now 35 weeks and just had our growth scan, baby already measures over 7p and if we go to term we are on track for over 10p.

My O/B has said that she wont bring it forward more than one week as generally bigger babies born early can have more probs with breathing than the little ones due to there being so much more of them.

So we are on track for a big bub and im not too worried about it at all - he/she is on track for healthy and im happy with that.

Worst part is i have cute little newborn clothes that arent going to get worn.

take care and i wouldnt stress out too much - i know a heap of women that have said the bigger bub wasnt hard - its hard when the labour is too fast.
I'm not sure if they will induce you early either especially as there is no guarantees that you will have a big bubba. Have faith in your body and it's capabilites, my first bub was 8 pound 11, second 9 pound 9 and my third was 10 pound 1 there is a change baby number 4 will be a big whooper but there is also a chance that bubs will just be average size so I've just gotta have faith in myself smile

Not 100% certain about inductions because of concerns about sizing but wanted to reassure you that not all 2nd babies are bigger than your first.

DD was 8lbs when she was born (on edd) and I ended up tearing in 4 different places with her (1 x 2nd degree and 3 x 1st degree).

With DS I'd had a sizing scan 8 days before he was born and that scan suggested that he was 7lbs 2 oz at the time of the scan. When DS was born (at 38 weeks 5 days) he weighed in at only 6lbs 11oz. I did get a 2nd degree tear with him but it was a fast labour so that wasn't too surprising.

Our bodies are designed to birth babies, regarless of size. My son was 9pound 10oz, I had him naturally and needed an episiotomy and had quiet a few stictches. I am preparing myself for another big baby, and i am confident my body wont let me down and i will birth this baby just fine. There is no use in worrying when it is something out of your control. You will do great, i'm sure :)Take care.


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