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Anyone else struggling to drink enough water/clear fluid through the day ? Lock Rss

I've been struggling to drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day and I'm looking for alternatives but here lies the problem....

With my last pregnancy I lived on Soda/mineral water and tonic water. I'm not a big water drinker so I thought I was doing the right thing to be drinking these other drinks (they were in moderation though).

However, I ended up with a UTI late in pregnancy which brought on early labour at 35 weeks. I later found out that a UTI can easily be brought on by eating too many refined foods and foods high in sugar as well as soft drinks because of the bubbles which irritate the bladder. Fruit juice (especially anything citric) is also a big no no.

So....this pregnancy I'm really limiting myself to water but I find its so boring and get to the end of the day and realise I've probably only had about 1 litre. Since I'm now prone to these UTI's in pregnancy I really should be drinking more than the norm to ensure my bladder flushes out any possible germies very quickly and before they can cause problems.

So does anyone have any alternatives ? Would "diet" driks (like sugar free cordial) be better as they dont contain sugar??? I know when I'm really thirsty I can down a Sprite in a manner of minutes but I'll easily hang onto a bottle of water for hours.

I need help girls....!

Cheers & thanks


PS I already take Cranberry tablets to help stave off any UTI.
I dont know if i can be much help; but i have the same issue. I try having watered down cordial in my water and like you love mineral water/soda water.

Prior to pregnancy i used to only drink sugar free drinks - cordial, soft drinks etc etc but i was told these were a big no no in pregnancy due to the chemicals used to create the sugar free ingrediants.

Im not sure how true this is or if it's for all - but as such i haven't had any while pregnant.

I didnt know about UTI's - can't tell its my first pregnancy!!

Scary how a UTI can cause Pre-Term Labour.
I got a UTI in this pregnancy around 24 weeks and ended up in hospital.
Since then I've been trying really hard to drink lots of water, but water also doesn't help with heartburn.
Ahhh the joys of pregnancy. LoL.

Other than adding cordial, I really don't know what else you can do to make it any better.
I have to have my water COLD and even add Ice.

thanks girls I didnt think there was an easy solution out there.

I felt a twinge of another UTI coming on last week and I was literally trying to kick my own a*r*s*e* for being so stupid when I know better. I'd been drinking heaps of lemonade and not much water. I've upped my cranberry tablets which really do work to keep your bladder and other bits down there under control.

I guess water it is then sad

edited to say, yes if I do drink too much water I get heart burn and feel the acid coming up - not nice which I guess is why I've been subconciously not drinking water. grrrr

[Edited on 25/02/2009]
Forgot to mention mummytobe09.... UTI's in pregnancy are very very dangerous - this is what happened to me (sorry about the long post).

My problems started at 31 weeks and progressivly got worse. Basically every time I got up I had to pee, I had to wear incontenence pads all day - so gross !

I had to hold my belly up so bub didnt squash my poor bladder, my back and tailbone felt like they were constantly in a cramp. My pubic bone felt like it was separating too and was in excrutiating pain whenever I had to spread my legs (like climbing in and out of the car).

I didnt realise it was a UTI as I didnt have that burning sensation and let it go too long without being treated. I just thought it was the normal aches & pains of pregnancy but i was very wrong.

I ended up with a kidney infection, a temperature of 39.5 degrees and in labour at 35 weeks. My dd was in extreme danger when I got to the hospital and I had an emergency c/s within 45 mins arriving under a general anesthetic so I didnt get to experience my dd's birth. She wasnt breathing when born but luckily she was a fighter. She had to spend several days in the NICU and they were the scariest days of our lives.

If you do ever have any doubts and wonder whether you have one, get yourself tested immediately.

My baby and I were one of the lucky ones but I dont think there's enough warnings out ther about UTIs.

How about adding a squirt of lemon into your water... or a squirt of orange.. Just to change the taste a little bit..
Some fresh mint in water is really nice too, just gives it a mild taste.

What about some cranberry juice in water to give it taste too, and the cranberry juice is good for uti's like you said. I know it's got a lot of sugar but a small amount would be fine.

MumofStella - I had similar thing happen in this pregnancy.
I didn't have the normal UTI symptoms and it turned out to be a mild kidney infection. I was kept in hospital for a few days and then sent home with anti-biotics.
Very scary.

And no, I don't think there is enough warning about it.

Glad you & Bubs were ok!

Sucks having heartburn and not being able to drink much water. I usually love my water, but can't stand it when I get heartburn.

Hi girls and thanks again for the added replies. Unfortunately citrus is a no no otherwise I'd be very happy to have lemon flavoured water !

I try and get cranberry juice when its on special but at $5 for 1.5ltrs its a bit too rich for me ! lol

Honey1984 that's terrible you had to be hospitalised for the kidney infection but so glad it didnt bring on labour for you. I ended up with a kidney infection not nice ! It all happened so fast too. I'd woken up with pains in my tummy, went to the loo & the pains then trasferred to my back and I thought uh oh...I think I'm in labour. Then by the time I got my bags and last minute things together the fever had taken hold....I was throwing up and contracting at the same time - 3 mins apart.

By the time I got to the hospital all the midwives & drs came running and things started moving very quickly. Actually too quickly which was good in a sense cause I had no idea what was really going on and the seriousness of it.

Okay, well tonight is grocery shop night so might stock up on the cranberry juice (I water it down to 1/3 juice 2/3 water).

Thanks again girls for all your replies..!

The reason why when you feel thirsty you can easily go for a sprite is because you are [b][i]already dehydrated[/i][/b] and water just seems so unappealing by that time.
I have the same problem but I don't usually like to drink soft drinks or anything.
I just carry around my 1L bottle of water and just keep sipping on it-It won't be easy at first but day after day it will be less of a chore and more of a habit.
[item]Try and set yourself a goal like by 2pm to have had 1L of water and by 8pm to of finished your 2L of water. I used to do this with my first pregnancy; also because if i kept drinking after 8pm I'd be up all night going too the toilet.
[/item][item]Also as someone said above that you could put a squeeze of juice in your water. [/item][b]Lemon and Lime[/b] are less acidic than other fruits believe it or not so they are good ones to put in your water. [b]OR[/b] if you are [b]REALLY craving something[/b] because you're already dehydrated have a [b]SMALL[/b] bottle [like 1L] of juice in your fridge [i][so you're not tempted to drink a whole lot][/i] and just dilute it with water so at least half of it water!

[b]When you're dehydrated you will tend to confuse that for being hungry or you will "CRAVE" soft drink, chocolate, chips-[i]BAD FOOD!![/i][/b]

[color=green][b]Also try and look out for re-usable bottles as you will be drinking so much water that its bad to keep re-usuing old "Mout Franklin" or any type of generic bottled water container as they usually contain BPA, which is harmful....[/b][/color]
[list][b][item] In independent tests, SIGG bottles show no presence of lead, phthalates, Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), Bisphenol A (BPA), Bysphenol B (BPB) or any other harmful chemicals.
[/item][item] 65% of plastic drink bottles end up in landfill. It takes 3 to 5 litres of water to make a 1 litre plastic bottle.
[/item][item] Tap water is more greenhouse friendly than bottled water because it is not distributed by vehicles burning fossil fuels.
[/item][item] Tap waster costs around $1.20 a tonne. Bottled water can cost between $3000 and $9000 a tonne (source: ACF website)[/item][/b][/list]

Check out this site for [b]water bottles[/b]-This is where I got mine here and it looks so pretty as well, you could also look on [b]Ebay[/b] for [i]"Sigg water bottle"[/i] too see if you can get it cheaper. This site is currently about to release new designs to so be dissapointed by the lack of bottles =D [url= Water Bottles @ Biome Site[/url]

Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I hope you have a wonderful birth and labour =) xox

Also check this site out-It gives you a list of Acidic Food and Alkaline Foods [the good ones]

drinking too much plain water makes me want to throw up but adding a bit of flavour helps like a bit of cordial.

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