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Milk has come in already!!! Lock Rss

Ok so I posted not long ago about already have the let down feeling you get after your child is born. Well taking a bath tonight I found my nipples were a bit dry, so like I have been told by the doctor, if they get dry squeeze a little colostrum on them. So i did that and I get a nice spray of milk! And yes it is definitely milk! I am just coming up for 36 weeks! ( I have been leaking colostrum since 16 weeks but I also had that with my first child and I didn't get my milk till a week after I had him.)

Am I a freak or has anyone else had this??!! At least I know I have milk I suppose.
I was leaking colostrum with DS from about 15 weeks (9 weeks with this baby!) and near the end it turned to a mixture of milk and colostrum (sometimes I'd have colostrum leaking and sometimes I'd get a stream of milk shooting out). But, at the birth it went back to colostrum and my milk came in (rather violently lol) on day 3.

My sister was leaking milk from 28 weeks with her 2nd and 3rd (only had colostrum during her first pregnancy).

Unfortunately, her lactation consultants said this was not exactly a good thing as her 2nd and 3rd babies didn't get any colostrum at all. My sister was quite upset and had a few issues with getting too much milk too early and the babies not being able to swallow it all (flowing out too fast) and they wouldn't feed properly for a few days.

BUT, they ended up feeding well despite the rocky start.

I hope everything runs smoothly for you though:) Good luck!
i am going to the hospital for a checkup tomorrow and I think I might ask whether I should start expressing and freezing it. I am worried that because it has already come in ( and is leaking ) that it might dry up by the time bub is born ( I am coming up for 36 weeks. I will go for a c-section about 38/39 weeks if not earlier) You the good old saying use it or lose it? I know if you don't plan to breastfeed you just don't do anything and it dries up. So I would be devastated if this happened to me. hopefully the midwives will be able to answer my question.
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