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34 weeks pregnant and measuring 39 weeks! Lock Rss

As the title suggests, I am 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant but I found out yesterday I am measuring 39 weeks! As of my 28 week checkup I was measuring a couple of centimetres larger but it was nothing to be concerned about. Now I am measuring almost 5cm bigger than I should be. The doctors don't think bub is large judging by the way she feels but that there may be too much fluid.

My question is, I have had all these signs and symptoms indicating that i may go into labour before I am due ( had a few false painful labours, my milk is already "coming down" - not just leaking but that heavy funny feeling when it starts to come in, bub has been head down since 28 weeks etc etc. Could my uterus being larger than it should be actually "trick" my body into giving birth early? I am packing it!! I had a induction which resulted in a emergency c-section with my last child so I am scared of what to do if I go naturally into labour! I know what to do etc - on paper- but I have never had to do it in real life!

I have an ultrasound within the week ( just waiting for them to send me my appointment) and the day I have that I have to go for another CTG.

I know sometimes if you have too much extra fluid you can go into premature labour. But how much is too much?

Sorry if its a bit rambly, I am tired and have a headache ( plus I am pregnant so that explains everything!!)
Hi ya, im in a kinda similar boat... im due 5th April (33weeks at mo) and had scan last week to check growth. Bubs is measuring on target for everything except the abdomen which is measuring 5 weeks ahead. My midwife is following up with the doctors and the hospital and is gonna get back to me, but she said it could be as simple as im having a larger than average baby. I too had an emergency cesearean with my first, 14months ago...
With you.... perhaps your dates are wrong and you are due sooner than expected. who knows? sounds like everythign is on the right track though. i had too much fluid with my first and if you just google AFI (amniotic fluid index) you should find out some stuff on it but i think anything more than 25cm of fluid measured around the baby is excessive but i would check online and talk to your midwife. good luck. i feel a bit better that someone else has a similar problem! let me know how you go....

I understand the dilemma you are in... im in a similar situation. My ob meaured the fundal height and also believes my uterus is quite large for dates.

Sometimes the funal height alone can be deceiving due to the position of the placenta, especially 2nd babies or more. Did you have the glucose tolerance test?

Im having an ultrasound in a week to see how all is going. Im hoping that my little boy is just going to be a big long baby like the rest of the males in our family. The waiting makes you feel anxious though.

hope all goes well, I think you will be fine smile

I measured large throughout my pregnancy and had fortnightly ultrasounds towards the end as fluid was low so they wanted to monitor growth... well bub was born 3.2kg and at 39 weeks plus 3 days I was induced. Certainly my largeness didnt trick my body into anything and the measuring of fluid when you are this far along is also something that's pretty inaccurate. Every 2 weeks I'd go from low fluid, to normal, to low to normal - it was all over the shop.

I wouldnt stress too much... fundal height measurements are not accurate.
Im measured big with my first only 1-2cm and he was born 6days late 9lb6oz so a big boy via emergency c-section.
Im now 32 weeks and measuring 36cm! i had a scan last week and they told me bubs is about 2.4kg already so big but within normal size, also the fluid amount was high but within normal range and my placenta is anterior all these things the doc said can add to fundal height.
Im really hoping though that i go into labour before my due date and have a natural birth.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Now my fundal height is the least of my worries! I have been having headaches everyday now so they have been checking my bp. Which goes up and down. The good thing is it does eventually go down. But I have had what they tell me is liver pain ( which they said could just be from my uterus pressing against it) And I have protein in my urine! Because my Bp is going down and not staying up, they have chosen to just keep an eye on it regularly. But they are worried about the protein. Blech. I am now nearly 36 weeks so not too long to go. they said they won't induce me yet but will just keep an very close eye on it. If all goes well I should find out the date of my elective c-section next thursday ( I had pre-eclampsia with my last child plus diabetes among other things so I had 2 inductions, 27 hours of labour, dilated to 3cm and then emergency c-section. So i am going elective this time so I have none of those troubles this time!)

But if all goes awry then bub just may come early again. Not too worry, its whats good for me and the bubs!
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