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Prenatal depression Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

just wondering if anyone else has been in a depressive state while they were/are pregnant.
For the last week or so I have been so down. I can't actually pin point anything that makes me low but I have been in tears a bit and just feeling like crud.
Im not stressed about having a baby. Im really excited actually, but I hate my body and how tired I am (that sounds horrible I know) I feel lonely even though I have people around me all the time....

Sorry to bring a downer to the party but I needed to vent. My Hubby knows im down but I havent been able to explain it to him..

yep i know how you feel. i am putting it down to hormones (well for me anyway!!) i feel like everyone is against me at the moment and i am sooo tired. just bring it up at your next appointment you have, i plan to. at least getting some reassurance from a medical provider might make me feel a bit better.

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

I'm pleased to know that I am not alone feeling this... but I am sad for you that you are feeling this way coz it is not fun! I too get times where I just can't shake this dark cloud over my head. I have wanted a baby for such a long time and it took ages for us to conceive so I should be excited and loving every moment of this experience! My thoughts are with you and I hope that you start to feel better.
I'm not exactly feeling down but I'm not as happy as I should be. We too took ages to conceive and we really want this baby. At the start of my pregnancy I freaked out that we were actually having a baby and I didn't know if I was ready for the committment, or if I was ready to share my partner (selfish I know). I managed to get over that and was excited for the next couple of months. Now though, I feel like I'm getting back to that state of mind, like I think maybe I should have waited another year or something. Obviously it's too late now (we're 20 weeks)and I know once I actually have it I will love it to pieces but right now I just feel down about it.
Sorry, I know it's not the same feelings you're having but I had to share.

I def have been feeling this way too. It was an unexpected, unplanned pregnancy and is my first, and i have to say that it hasn't been going smoothly! I still get morning sickness and spend most of the day being sick and im exhausted. I think im being discriminated against at work (i have another post going about that at the moment), and i am getting married in less than two weeks and my mum is stressing me out to the max about the wedding.

I just start crying at any time over anything! I cant help it.. i feel really down.

Im like you, im excited about having my baby, but everything just feels so overwhelming at the moment. I just get so angry cos im so damn tired & im working full time, and i get stressed about how we will cope financially once im off work.

Its really hard, but i think talking about it is the best thing to do. I actually feel great while writing this post and could go on for hours!! smile My partner is being really understanding and excellent, but i don't think he truely understands how im feeling. I think its great to be able to talk to others going through the same thing..

If you want to chat just PM me smile

Best of luck, Kelly x

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Hey... Dont stress maybe speak to your partner about it or even your doctor.? prob just hormones and all that jazz smile I'm such a happy cheerful person but i have my days where im just in the dumps i try to be happy but still just feel like something is missing. I tooo hate my body but i think its all for my lil bubbi and it puts a smile on my dial! smile
If you are in NZ, your midwife or GP can put you in touch with maternal mental health services, should you desire. Unfortunately all they offered me was antidepressants, which i declined.
I can say that my body does not cope with pregnancy well, so in some ways things get easier after the birth.
Sending lots of well wishes your way.
Prenatal depression affects more women than you would think, just do a search and you will find lots of websites.
The thing that works for me best, is talking to others in the same situation, support sites like this one, my midwife was great, and i started going to la leche meetings while pregnant to meet other mums who were breastfeeding (i planned to breast feed). i found this helped as i already knew the women there by the time bubs arrived and didnt feel like an 'outsider'.
forming a coffee group with antenatal class members helps too.

Hi again,

Thank you so much for your posts. Its amazing how many people are going through this. I feel bad for feeling so down and that just makes me feel worse. Im sorry to hear you are all feeling the same. Im sure it will get better for everyone. Best of luck to all of you xoxoxox

I too know how you feel...lately I have been down in the dumps and feeling blue.
I feel that I can't mention it to my partner as I am afraid of being perceived as a 'whinger'. Stupid..yes or no? That's where huggies comes in great. To know that you are not the only one feeling this way.
I have realised that it will pass, but if it doesn't, seek help. The last thing us mothers need is to be depressed when the baby does come along. And for the other kids that we may have also.
Cheer up girls..things will get better!


Hi there
I don't want to worry you but I just want to share my past experience. With my second child I felt this way. I just felt flat all the time and I had no idea why. I told my ob and after a lengthy appointment she told me she thought I had pre-natal depression. I had never heard of 'pre'-natal depression. She told me that it was very important that I had mentioned it as they would pay close attention to me after the baby was born as it was very likely I would get post-natal depression. She was right and when It hit after the birth it hit hard.

You may have this or it may just be your hormones making you feel flat now and then as a few people have mentioned. I felt flat all the time. Maybe mention it to your ob and he/she can help you work through it! Goodluck.
I hadn't heard of "Pre" natal depression either until I started to feel down and decided to google it smile

I do plan to mention it at my next appointment. I have had depression in the past but had felt pretty good through most of the pregnancy. Its just the last couple of weeks that suck for me.

Thanks for your advice. It turns out my mum had really bad postnatal depression with me.

Hope everyone is doin ok grin xoxoxox

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