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37 weeks and bub already is 6lbs 5oz Lock Rss

I had a ultrasound today. I am 37 weeks. they told me that my little girl is already 6lbs 5oz. we got accupuncture booked for next week. So now i am just hoping that when shes born she weighs around 7lbs i really want a small baby this time. How much do you reckon weight gain is in the last 2-3 weeks.Thanks.

Scans are not totally accurate so you could still have a 7pound bub.Don't stress too much about it.
I'm not sure how much they gain in the last few weeks but from 32 weeks till birth they are supposed to double in weight.

thanks. my friends keep telling me that maybe i might be lucky to have her around 7lbs so now just gotta wait and see. Not long now. Cant wait.


I had my last scan at 34 weeks and the error margin at that stage was +/- 330g and this number gets larger the later the scan is done so their estimate of 6 pound 5 oz is just that - an estimate... but that is pretty small.
well i am hoping that when she is born that at her biggest she is 7lbs 5 oz. My boys were fairly big.DS#1 was 9lbs 3oz and DS#2 was 8lbs 5oz. So seeing as this is a girl i want her to be smaller than her brothers.

Hi, I have just had a scan done also (34 weeks preg) and I was told that my little one is already 5lb 5oz.. I still have 6 weeks to go and I went over with both my girls so I keep saying I have "7 weeks to go"

Bubs gain about 200g a week. Hope this helps you calculate you bub, this means that mine should be around 8lb 8oz!

ok that good to know except my brain aint co-operating so i cant figure out what 600g on top of 6lbs 5 oz is. i have a raging headache so any thinking that requires that much brain power aint working. bugger.

Try not to worry too much, they often get it wrong - I was told that my boy would be a small bub, he was 8pd8oz (4kgs)!

The rate of weight gain for a fetus in the last month is anywhere from 1/2pd (about 250gms) to 1pd (about 500gms or 1/2kg)) per week.
I just worked it out for you but not sure how accurate it is so it's an average... If you have bub in 3 weeks and she gains 200g a week then she will be AROUND 8.15 pounds...

Again, there's a big variation in conversions and the estimation at scans can be off by 1/2 kg so she still may only be about 7.5 pounds! Big difference hey?

Hope your birth is a great experience. Just think, you will see your beautiful little girl soon! I can't wait to meet my baby!

Im 36.5 weeks and my baby is measuring at 7.5pounds, 3.4kgs.... im booked for a c section on 24th dec just to be on the safe side but if she comes earlier that would be great wink I was told the error margin was around 10% from my obstetrician but still scary

hmmm. i am thinking if i cut out all the chocolate and diet coke and eat really healthy in these last weeks maybe she might still be smallish. i want her out now but at the same time i dont.i am just wnting her to be smaller so the recovery time is quicker seeing as we are approaching christmas i want to be feeling good cos i want to enjoy christmas with my boys. plus i am so damn impatient. Its already been 37 weels why make me wait another 3 weeks it seems like torture.

I just want her out soon so i can see her and hold her and admire what i have created.Good luck to rest of you ladies.Enjoy your pregnancies.

We should compare notes after our bubba's arrive smile

At 34 weeks they estimated mine is 5pound, I'm having fortnightly scans till bub arrives so will be interesting the estimate Vs actual!
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