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4 weeks to go! Lock Rss

Yah getting excited now smile
Congrats! Ive got just under 3 weeks to go. What date are you due?

Amber smile

Congratulations wink I know what you mean, I have just under 3 weeks until my C Section is booked, bring on xmas eve - hope she comes early though!!

nwaaah have six weeks! Im ready for it now lol too bad bub isnt lol. Good luck girls wish you and your bubs a healthy birth etc. x

I'm jealous!I wish I only had 4 weeks to go.5 and a bit weeks is too!

I know i wish i had 3 wks lol, Im due on the 1st. Yah new years baby. Im getting nervous. Im so over being pregnant though. smile
5 weeks and 2 days over here lol
Im very very over it. Cant wait to hold my little man and sleep on my tummy again haha

I am booked in for my C/Section New Years Eve (happy new year!!). It can't come quick enough! I can't even think about xmas this year. Just counting down to my boys birthday!!
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