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Feeling sick at almost 35 weeks Lock Rss

This is probably normal but has anyone else who suffered morning sickness in the 1st trimester had it again in the last? Dont get me wrong, this is nothing compared to how sick i was at the start but ive been vomiting occasionaly and everything i eat doesnt sit right. This morning i woke up and could still feel my dinner sitting at the top of my stomache. I feel horrible and 5 weeks feels like forever away.

Yes I got morning sickness again in the last trimester towards the end. Sucks doesn't it. Hope you feel better soon.

I had bad morning sickness til about 23 weeks and now its back, its more if i have cereal for breakfast or anything with alot of sugar, if I have toast and a cup of tea and nothing with sugar anywhere near it im fine smile good luck!!

Mine is worse with milk!!! If i have cereal or even a coffee im much worse, but im finding now late at night its just as bad no matter what i eat. I just had a fruit and nut brunch bar and instantly feel sick. Oh 5 weeks cant come fast enough, im ready to have him now!

Ive also started getting it back, i had it until about 24 wks only in morning, but now its more later in day i feel sick. Im 36wks now and its back. Also this wk i have noticed im no where near as hungry.
yeah i can have a small breakfast and miss lunch if i wanted too and then dinner. It makes me feel sick just thinking about food sometimes.

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