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Hi Everyone,
So i'm just wonering if it's ok to eat Subway?
I know to get the meat heated up, but I'm more wondering about the salad, is it safe to eat the salads from subway?
Thanks, Kristen.

apparently you are not meant to eat any salad that has been sitting around, prepacked etc as it can have listeria in it. I have had subway a few times this pregnancy but only at lunch time when there are lots of people going through and the salad is being used quickly.

I lived on roast chicken subs when I was preggas with my dd.I craved it all the time.

The subway in my town is really clean and they are always busy so go through stock quite quickly.

Oh I never thought about the salad side.
I love subway and prefer it over the other fast foods.

The subway I go to is pretty good tho and clean, plus they have a fast turn over of salads too....

My midwife actually advised me not to eat subway lol. But i love it, our subway is also busy, from 20wks i started eating it.
Well i've been eating throughout my whole pregnancy...i only eat the vegie one. I love it and couldn't live without it. The salads are usually pretty fresh.

I ate Subway through my whole pregnancy and my bub came out perfect. Just depends on your closest Subway store though ... has it got a high turnover of ingredients? Do you get the meat (if you have meat) heated? Is the shop clean? etc.

I find it was more satisfying than any other takeaways and didnt make me feel as sick

i had subway twice at the begining of my pregnancy and both times thew it up about an hour or so later. Now i cant even stand the smell of the bread cooking.
I wich I could tho... I loved subway before being pregnant, I hope after bubz arrives that I can stand it again, I really miss it sad

Good question? i never really thought about the salad bit, the salads always look fresh to me, with this pregnancy i have been craving it alot and would prefer to eat subway than any other takeaway at lunch time..

Just to clear up the confusion:)

Generaly speaking Subway is your better option out of the major fast food stores to eat at.

All the salads and meats have a set shelf life and must be used with in that time, after which they are thrown out. These times allow a decent period of time the product is still good for but wont be used in.

All subway stores have a mini health inspector that visits one day a month to check how clean the store is, proper products etc. Every store must meet the high expectations on a monthly basis.

Meat products are fine to eat but must be served piping hot, just request they are heated longer than usual. Processed meats should be avoided during pregnancy (ham, turkey salami, beef) In small doses they should be fine though.

If you are not sure look at the product, if it doesnt look right dont eat it, simple. All the products are in front of you so you can make the decision for yourself. If the store looks dirty/dodgy then dont eat there, the same as anywhere else.

That should be all you need to know, i've worked at subway for over 6 years so i know what im talking about:). If in doubt ask the staff about the product and if your still not sure dont eat:)

I eat subway and im 24weeks preg. Its annoying how we worry about everything lol i do it all the time but now i just be bit careful around my foods, like if it dont look good dont eat it. You should be fine though.. good luck with the pregnancy xxx
hey there, i never really thought about the salad side of subway, but i have a subway at least once a week and have been eating all throughout my pregnancy.
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