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Chest and Spine pain, what is it... Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Just curious if anyone else has felt something like iv been feeling, Its like the ache you get if you dont swallow a pill properly, I had it start in my chest and then each time i felt it -10-20 mins apart of so - it would move down abit further, the pain was radiating to my spine in the same level and was so uncomfortable, i could barely drive, it didnt get much lower though than mid stomach. I took some Gaviscon as Iv been having bad acid reflux and thought it might be heart burn but this didnt help either, Im almost 36 weeks and I have not had a braxton hicks so have no idea what that feels like, by the time i went to bed I was having muscle pain below my belly button? anyone felt this before?

Thanks smile

i can relate to the acid reflux, i get it really bad and can feel it at the back of my neck then it works its way down... braxton hicks feel like a tightening across your belly. sorry i cant be much help, maby call your midwife or go see your doc? they may be able to help you a lil more.

cant wait till my 3rd lil princess is born

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