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What symptoms have you got Lock Rss


just wondering if you know what your having and what symptoms you;ve got, i would love to have a girl as this is my first and only having one as my partner already has kids.

Im having a girl, this is also my first. Since day 1 i thought it was gonna be a girl and i was right.

Also my friends who are having girls are getting similar symptoms as i did.

I had really bad morning sickness
Was constantly tired until about 22wks.
Ive had a few dizzy spells (mainly with sickness)
Also now i crave chocolate and sweet things. (never liked choc b4)

Also im carrying quite high, but that doesnt mean too much.

Bubs heart beats has always ranged between 130-160 so i dont quite believe in thats wives tale.

Good luck smile

What symptoms have you had??
i've had morning sickness up until around 22wks and still get it every now and than, had dizzy spells all the time, loved chocolate can't really eat now, gone off red meat love chicken etc.

Im having a girl. I had morning sickness (all day sickness) right up to 22 weeks, have eaten a load of chocolate and sweets and thats about it.

I carry really low though, everyone has thought I was about to give birth from about 26 weeks shes so low.

Could be a girl, from what i understand girls cause more morning sickness - mine also lasted until 22wks
im havin a girl ,had really bad morning sickness till 14 weeks still every now and then. crave frozen coke and lots of chicken.carry high and low some days.dont put alot of weight on with girls ,either lose it or slowly put it on.

With my dd I felt sick about a week before my af was due but it wasn't too bad and if I ate something I'd be fine.With this one I was so sick at the start and have started to get it back again!
I also had bad skin with my dd but with my boy I have great skin.
Craving wise well I've craved anything and everything both times!

Hi there!!!

Im pregnant with DD2... i had bad morning sickness, only till 10-12 weeks, but with DD1 i was real sick right up till around 24 weeks!
I have gone off Red meat to, and LOVING chicken (poor hubbie getting abit sick of chicken hehehe)
Heart beat for both my girls have been around 150-160.
Im really into spicy food at the moment hahaha! chocolate and sweets - i have my days where i really crave them!
Both pregnancies i have had great skin and hair whilst pregnant! and heartburn with both!

Hey...sorry but i don't think theres any way of telling! I'm 27wk2d and i have had really bad morning sickness since 6wks and its still as bad as it was. I am carrying low and also crave sweet things...I'm having a boy. My friends who have had boys have all had similar symptoms. My friends who have had girls have all had totally different and mixed symptoms so maybe just follow your instincts....although they're not always right!!! i thought this one was a girl haha i got a bit of a shock when she said its a boy! Either way it doesn't matter...boy or girl you'll love bubs the same smile

i was vomiting for 5 months and 6 months with my first two boys but had clear skin and my eczema even went away i craved chocolate and all things sweet, carried high and wasn't as tired as i am with this one. im 2o weeks this week and only vomited for 2 weeks at the start have craved everything savoury and my eczema is worse and i have never had as many pimples before also im still waiting for my second trimester energy smile
don't know what im having but would be guessing a girl as the boys were identical pregnancies and this one is opposite???
ok for what its worth

with ds - i was very well - great skin no problems beside a little dizzy - i carried very low

this time (im 23weeks) we think its a girl - i was sick until about 14weeks - for the first time in my life i have pimples and im very tired and dizzy a carrying higher this time


my sil was pregnant when i was with ds - she was COMPLETELY opposite in every way - sick as a dog for ages - bad skin - carried high - and yep you guessed it - i have a nephew not a neice - so you never really know...
Hi There,
This is my 1st pregnancy and i am having a boy. I have had no morning sickness and have really enjoyed my pregnancy. I normally don't eat sweet foods as i am a savoury tooth but since being pregnant all i want is chocolate, cakes, patries and anything sweet!!! Am off savoury. I am just starting to feel tired now, a little emotional and getting bigger by the day! Not long to go now!!!! Good Luck Everyone!!!!

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