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I just had my 26 wk glucose test and it came back positive for gestational diabeties (GD). I am going to have a second test next week to double chk levels. I am soooo hoping and praying that the second one comes back fine, but if it doesn't and I do have GD, I was wondering if other mothers who have had it can tell me of their stories and if their bubs had any complications due to GD. My first son has a rare neurological disorder and I am soo praying that this bub will be 100% healthly, but I am so worried of their being complications after birth again.

I don't have GD but my sister did, she had to have the insulin injections. Everything went fine during her pregnancy, she was scheduled for a ceaser, due to the fact that sometimes the baby can grow large when you have GD, but her little man had other plans and came 2 weeks early and only weighed 6p12.

Hopefully everything goes well for you also!

Hi Rikii,

I had GD with DD. I was able to control my GD with a healthy eating plan and exercise and had to check my b/s levels 3 times a day. I was induced 10 days early due to the possiblity DD would be big (especially around the shoulders and can get stuck on the way out). The scan I had at 36 weeks was suggesting a 9pound+ baby. DD had starting to turn posterior so when I was induced, she got stuck and due to foetal(sp?) distress, I ended up with a c-section and a 7lb 8oz baby. DD's blood sugar levels were low for the first 24 hours or so but she picked up and have had no problems with her since. My GD were gone when I was checked 6 weeks after the birth. It's quite intimidating to start with and it's quite a shock, but if you can control what you eat (yes, REAL hard at the end when you're tired and can't be bothered cooking) you should be fine. I'm just over 8 wks along with #2 and already have treated this pregnancy as if I have GD just to mentally prepare myself incase the GD returns. Just keep asking questions and do some research and that should hopefully make you feel better. By the way, the eating plan for diabetes is no different to how we should be eating in normal everyday life except less carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes, bread as these can turn to sugar if not burnt off with exercise) and less sugar.


Hi there. I was diagnosed with GD this pregnancy, and while starting out with diet adjustments, they didn't work for me and have had to commence on insulin injections. I've been doing alright with them, and you can hardly feel them - actually I think the finger pricks you do to check your blood sugar levels hurt way more! I don't know whether it's related, because there is no way of knowing, but I had a size scan at 34 weeks and we discovered bub may only have 1 kidney. At the 19 week scan there were 2 kidneys. There is no way of knowing if it was partly due to the GD, but thought I would tell you anyway. But hey, these things happen I guess. I am being induced 10 days early on Thursday due to being on insulin and the baby size factor. Good luck with your next test.
Hi there..
I had gestational diabetes in my pregnancy.. which i delivered a healthy baby boy weighing 8pound 10. My GD was diet controlled and had to prick my finger 4times a day.. which everytime my levels were where they should be, even though my diet wasnt dramatically changed.
They should monitior you and if diet controlled is not working for you then they would put you on the insulin.

My aunty had GD in all 5 of her pregnancies, and had healthy beautiful babies. They do say you have chances of a bigger or smaller bub, but i think everyone has that chance?
My only battle with GD was i was loosing weight rather than putting it on, even though i ate alot! LOL
but its all smoothed out now

best of luck with your pregnancy!
any questions feel free to PM me =]
I had a positive test the first time and when I went for my second it was fine, apparently the doc said that most of the time pregnant woman will give a positive result the first test and be fine once the second is done.

Hopefully everything is alright and you will be fine.

I had GD with my first pregnancy and I managed it with diet and exercise and had to test my blood sugar levels 4 times a day and couldnt go over 7.0.
I actually lost weight and my DS was born at 41 weeks (induced) and weighed 8 pounds.
I have my GD test this thursday and am going straight into the second test because i have an 80% chance of having it again so they thought I may as well have the bigger test done. Im not worried if I have it again as once you get used to it it becomes second nature.

Hi Ladies,
I had the glucose challenge test on the 23rd Dec and recieved the results today which was a little of a shock, I have never had an issue with my glucose until now, and my midwife believes my chances of gestational diabeties is quite high. It was a bit of a shock as all thru the pregnancy has been smooth sailing, I am 29 weeks now, so next Tuesday I have the tolerance test to confirm if I am gestational diabeties and if positive then I will be forwarded to the hospital.
It was comforting to read that others with GD have had healthy babies.


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