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reheating food Rss

So last night I made a potato bake in my slow cooker and it made heaps of extra.
I know you shouldnt really reheat foods from previous days that have been sitting there but would you eat it if you reheated it in the oven for tea tonight?
I dont want it to go to waste but I dont wanna eat it if it could harm me/baby.

what do you think?
You should be able to eat it today without it making you or baby sick. Just make sure it is heated right through and fairly hot. But I wouldn't leave it another day, but today you would be fine.

When you say "sitting there" do you mean overnight in the slow cooker turned off? Food needs to be kept either hot or cold at all times so if you stuck it in the fridge or left the slow cooker on its fine but otherwise I wouldnt risk it, germies live at room temp!
It is fine to re-heat food, as long as it has been in the fridge. However, it must be heated to over 65 degrees. That means that it will be too hot to eat for 5 mins after it's heated. Getting it to this temp will kill any bacteria that might be there. However, if it contains either chicken or rice, make it 70 degrees.
Hope this helps, I am a cook in a restaurant, so we tell our customers all the time!!

Just don't microwave it, they don't heat food through evenly.

I eat reheated leftovers regularly, but they are always done in the oven (and checked to make sure it's heated right through) or done in a saucepan on the stovetop (and left on there for a few minutes after it looks to be heated, just to be sure).

I wouldn't eat it if it hasn't been in the fridge, not just during pregnancy, but as a rule for always. It would be ok from the fridge though, I'd eat it then.
Thanks ladies for the replies!

I heated it thru in the oven so it got hot all the way thru it.

Oh and for the ladies that were wondering - it was definitely stored in the fridge!!
EWWW I would definitely not eat it if it was on the bench all night!! Even when not preggars! lol

Oh and to the lady who was a chef, thanks for that inside tip. Will keep that in mind from now!! gasp)
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