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Electric breast pumps Rss

Just wondering if expressing is supposed to be painful?

I've got 2 wks to go until #2 arrives and I never breastfed DD#1. My breasts do leak if I manual express them so I thought I'd give my breast pump a go (it's an electric nuk one) to see what it felt like and it bl00dy hurt! I managed to express 1.5ml of colostrum (which I've frozen so I can give it later) mostly from the left cause as soon as the pump started on the right it was too painful to continue..

Is this normal and do your nipples get used it?? I usually don't have a lot a feeling in my nipples but it felt like the pump was trying to eat them!

I used the Nuk brand one once from a friend and it was horrible and I found my boobs hurt afterwards too. I then tried the Avent one and it was fantastic and I expressed a heap more too as it was much more comfortable to have on and didn't leave your nipples sore either.

Think I might have to look around for another one..

I've heard alot of people choose Avent, I thought it was just cause of the marketing (most expensive = best??) Is it electric or manual??

They are manual so you do the pumping yourself which controls what your expressing.

Does it get faster/easier once your milk actually comes in??

Thank you for your replies, I'm now freaking out about all this..

Yes it does I was like a bloomin cow I had oodles of milk, and that's why somedays I would express as my boobs would get too full between feeds if they slept too long.
I am sure you will be fine once bubs is born and your milk comes in properly then you should find it much easier to express.

It kinda makes me mad that I have no knowledge of any of this cause the nurses never told me I could express and formula feed.. I had heaps of milk and took a good 6-8 wks to completely dry up..

May have to look at the pumps tomorrow when I go shopping (just want my husband wants to spend his saturday doing I'm sure smile

My friend brought a Nuk one and said it hurt aswell. She went and got an Avent electric one the next day and its so much better. She got around 60 - 80ml in 10 mins

Mummy to 3 little goblins

I guess I'm also wondering if electric is worth the extra money.. I had a quick look at the chemist and the difference was $70 between the avent ones.

Manual pumps take so long to express the smallest amount. They also hurt your hand after awhile.

I am definatly going to spend the extra money and get an electric one.

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Someone in general recommended the medela mini electric. It's $99 (I'm pretty sure I've seen them)$50 cheaper than avent...

hello, i am due in july and i am looking at the avent electric as well. it sounds like the go do you use them much even if you plan on breast feeding????? thats if i can how do you know do you buy the breast pump before birth or after?????
[Edited on 10/05/2008]
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