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Ask Our Midwife Your Pregnancy Questions Rss

I believe this topic was set up to direct you all to the midwife help section on Huggies. You may not get your questions answered on this thread.
Please see original message copied below.
Hi to all our members,

Just to let you know that our midwife Alex, is available to answer your Pregnancy questions in our new look Help Panel, now located in our Being a Parent section of the Huggies website.

Our Pregnancy & Birth forum combined with the guidance from Alex will help you stay informed through the exciting 9 months of pregnancy and the birth of your child.

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We hope that having all of these resources at your finger tips will help to make your pregnancy and birth a great experience.

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The Huggies Team
Hi, I'm 15 weeks with 3rd pregnancy. This time I've been told i have low blood pressure. I get shaky and dizzy at least once or twice a day. Doctor said there is nothing they can do for me. Is there anything I can eat or drink to help with it? Amanda
Hi i am currently 17+6 weeks pregnant and have not been well this pregnancy. I was diagnosed with ross river virus in January, i also had gastro a couple of weeks ago.
I developed health anxiety in January also and now every symptom scares me.
This is not my first pregnancy but the first one ive had any symptoms for.
At the moment ive had a headache for 6 days today, and a sore neck. Ive tried everything coffee coke panadole and panadene forte is the only thing that takes the edge off.
I dont like taking it.
Its mainly in the back of my head and top of my head. Sometimes its in the base of my skull where it meets the neck and sometimes in forehead/temple. Its an annoying headache sometimes with pressure and soreness. Twice it has developed into a migraine but soon returned to its annoying headache self. I can sleep fine but wake up with it and go to bed with it.
Has anyone else had a headace this long? Ive had my bloods done and my bp checked lots and its all normal. I get some blurry bision here and there.
I also get swollen gums, stuffy nose and cramps in leg, heart burn, sore back, weakness and dizzyness here and there. Tired lots. Had an mri 4 weeks ago all was fine. Currently seejng a physio.
Does anyone else have symptoms like these at the 2nd trimester? ?
Please any advice or others experiences would help me understand. Thanks
Hey girl. It is so sad. It must be hurting you. I think they are a scam. They are just diverting people for some benefits. My friend also had such experience. She was infertile. She wanted a baby badly. She didn't know the reason. Her husband also became infertile. Later She chose surrogacy. She went to a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided me with a healthy surrogate. They have a daughter now. She just turned 9 months. I am so happy for them.
Hi all I need some advice. I'm 6 weeks and 5 days I originally had really high hcg levels ( was 4 weeks and levels where 8 weeks). My morning sickness was really bad. Well a week ago I started spotting. I had an early scan which showed a small heartbeat and that I have a hematoma in my uterus. Since then my morning sickness has disappeared and no tenderness in my boobs. I have still been quiet hungry and a small sick feeling of I miss a meal. I have another scan in a week but in really worried and stressed I have miscarried. Has anyone had any experiences like this?
I’m currently around the 5 week pregnancy mark, and I’m currently feeling a lot of fullness in my stomach and my belly is quite big, also my breasts have enlarged to the point they are almost no longer fitting into my current bra. Is this normal?
Lmp was Jan.8.2020. Started having positives since Feb.7.2020. Had blood work done for hcg on Saturday night going into early Sunday Feb.15-16th due to bleeding all day enough to have to wear a pad all day and it would be just about full. But hcg was 33 and that was my first hcg test. Cervix was closed. Ultrasound nothing. today hcg went up to 48. Bleeding slowing down also. Have to test again Wednesday or Thursday. I'm not sure what to think or expect but expecting the worse but hoping for the best. But wondering about anyone with similar stories?
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