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I'm ill at the moment, well atleast I think I am. It's nothing I think I should worry about, I just have heaps of flem and a hard cough. Could be tonsillitis? Well anyways my question was, at nights when I cough my lower abdomin gets a sharp pain (usually where I think the baby is lying), is that normal?

hi, im currently 25 wks pregnant and i really cant sleep till 2am yet im soo very tired im not stressed or worried about anytg at all in fact this would be my least stressful pregnancy so far.....yet i still cant sleep????

Totes know what you mean. I've been having that problem since I was like 23ish weeks, I even feel tired but cannot go to sleep. So I just lie down watching tv until I dose off. Also a hot bath can do the trick sometimes.
Hi, I am currently 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I was admitted to hospital yesterday cause my GP noticed bub had an erratic heartbeat, going from 180 down to 115 and back up again all in the space of 5-10 mins. They did a running heartbeat at the hospital, it was within normal range give or take a few that went up over the 40 mins but sent me home saying everything was alright.

I have a gut feeling that something isn't ok. His movements have slowed down a lot in the last 3 days, now this heartbeat stuff, im insanely tired and have pains all over. I feel I should of asked for an ultrasound while I was there to put my mind at ease. I have found the nursing staff to be quite dissmissive of my concerns but my partner is pushing me to go back and be seen again. I don't know what to do?! are my concerns valid or am I just being a crazy mum-to-be and worrying to much?

Cheers unsure
I am having Monoamniotic (momo) twins and I was just wondering if you have heard of them before and if you have any advise for me.
I am 6w5d pregnant and am having constipation problems. Last night I put my finger down near anus to apply small pressure to help get motion out. When I removed finger it was covered in blood. I wasn't gushing but there was certainly alot of blood there. I can't feel any hemeroids there (I suffered from these in my previous pregnancy)Should I use a laxative or go and see Dr?

I am currently only 4 weeks and 3 days. I had a lot of cramping around 4 weeks but it is slowly easing, I still have the full feeling and very sore bb. Is this normal.

Hi to all our members,

Just to let you know that our midwife Alex, is available to answer your Pregnancy questions in our new look Help Panel, now located in our Being a Parent section of the Huggies website.

Our Pregnancy & Birth forum combined with the guidance from Alex will help you stay informed through the exciting 9 months of pregnancy and the birth of your child.

Also, don't forget to sign up to the Huggies Mum To Be Club to receive regular newsletters relevant to your stage of pregnancy.

We hope that having all of these resources at your finger tips will help to make your pregnancy and birth a great experience.

Kind regards
The Huggies Team
Hi I am 5 weeks pregnet and have to have laser treatment to my cervix at abou 12 to 13 weeks I would like to know will that effect my pregnecy aand if so how thnx I'm a bit scerd

I had that with my last baby to the point where I couldnt walk. blink Midwife told me it was the baby rubbing his head on my cervix. Crazy painful but just means its getting ready (although in saying that it was about a month of that before I went into labour!!)
Good Morning,

I was wondering on average how much weight/grams is baby meant to put on each week being that I am in the last trimester?

Thank you

Hi i am 37 and this will by my second pregnancy I am now 12 weeks along and I have a son who is two years old. I don't know if its jut my age but this time around I feel just horrible, i have a recurrent flu that comes and goes accompanied by cold sores every few weeks yukkkk , feel so exhausted today that I am taking the day off work to take care of myself, is this common in the 1st trimester? And does it eventually pass? And the immune system improve?
Thanks christina
I'm not sure how common this is, I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my first..up until now I've had no nausea and generally speaking a pretty easy pregnancy (besides severe insomnia in the first trimester). All of a sudden I have nausea everyday at random times and am finding it hard to breathe, even when I'm not doing anything! I'm physically fit and have been able to exercise throughout my pregnancy up until now! Just wondering if this is normal? And if there's anything I can do to ease the symptoms besides eating small frequent meals which I already do.
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