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Boy or Girl? 12 Week scan Lock Rss

Hi, I have recently had my 12 week scan and was wondering if anyone can tell me (by looking at the scan in my DP) whether they think I am having a Boy or a Girl. I have no idea and keep going back and forth between boy and girl.
Hi there, I'm no ultrasound expert but from just looking at your pic I would say its a boy, there looks like a little sac n willie Lol
But I could be wrong. You can find out at your 18-20 week scan anyway.

post all pics of the nub u have, atm im leaning boy but not confident

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Unfortunately that is it sad the US tech said it was to early to determine so wasn't even going to look ... I'm leaning towards boy as well

Little boys are heaps of fun smile but u never know till u know for sure. Good luck.

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