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My mum has a go at my weight Lock Rss

I am 25 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, I have a beautiful 8 year old son and I weighed 97kg when he was born. I lost 40kg since then and have never felt more depressed and I am not sure why. Even my husband isnt that thrilled with the way I look. Before I found out I was pregnant, I weighed 59 kgs (i am only 155cms tall). Now I weigh 70 kgs which I was told by the doc is fine. My mum keeps having a go at me about how much weight I have put on and unfortunately, I have a baby bump but my hips are wide as well. I try and hide them as much as possible, cant afford many maternity clothes so relying on elastic but she has a go at me everyday. I am so deepressed when this should be a happy time in my life. I feel alone and dont know what to do or where to turn.
Hugs luv, not what you need!! The main thing is that you try and keep healthy for you and baby, then you should (hopefully) feel better!! A lot of people put on a lot of weight during pregnancy, as long as its done healthily it's no problem!! Looks like that's what the doc has confirmed so I wouldnt worry!! Try and enjoy your pregnancy!!
Well done losing the weight in the first place! I'm also a shorty, 157cm, and I got to about 76kg when pregnant. I was about 55 before that. When ds was 4 months I started thinking about my weight and I was 71kg when I started my diet & exercise plan. Got down 10kg in 10 weeks so was at a healthy weight after that. I've gradually got down to 58 now.

Try not to stress too much about the weight, it all comes off with hard work.
Just enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, and stay away from her if she brings you down!

All the best xxx
Honestly I hate it when people diss on others weight and looks people need to back the f**k off lol.

I thought I was fat before I had ds when I was 30 kg lighter now I don't give a rats lol what people think.

Maybe next time your mum brings up your weight you could say ever so casually how it affects her life what you are on the scales lol.

Don't let her get to you smile.

Thanks for all the advice, I have decided to ignore my mother when she says these things, have an appt with Obs tomorrow and will ask him what he thinks about my weight then!
Thats awful sad. I started at 60kg and got to 80kg full term and now bubs is 11 weeks and I am 7kg off my goal of 60kg again. You said you couldn't afford many maternity clothes, I have quite a few pieces here, tops, tights and some shorts if u want them? smile chin up and remember u are carrying precious cargo and you look fabulous.

I wouldnt say no to maternity clothes but do not have a lot of money, how much would you want for them and how much for delivery? The only problem is that I used to fit into a size 12 but depending on where the clothes come from the size differs so much, I can be a size 16! I am in Adelaide
Hey hun they are mostly 10's. I dont want anything for them just happy to pass them on. They are pretty stretchy things though so I think you would be fine. If u want to message me your address I will post them on Wednesday smile

it says I cant message you as you are not following me - not sure what that means??
I just messaged u.

Hey hun I posted the clothes today minus the leggings, I can't find them. ... if I do I will post them. I have a tracking # if you need it but they should be there by monday

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