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Cravings Lock Rss

I would love to hear what everyone is Craving?

I have been craving differently each week smile . One week i crave salad, fruit and veggies and the next anything and everything greasy. But starting to really craves PICKLES no matter what day/week it is! blink tongue
i'm not pregnant but craving chocolate crackles LOL

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

I have been craving lots of chocolate.. but then when im eating it i feel so sick. I havent craved anything much, i craved soap with my second child hoping i dont have that again... lol

Anything and everything.. Weirdly enough even washing soap powder!
Doritoes, Pringles, Sour Strap Lollies, Cheesy Cauliflower Bake & Pineapple.

Tends to alternate. Currently indulging in some Nacho Cheese Doritoes smile
I'm craving pizza at least once every fortnight... Crust pineapple pizza with bacon instead of ham, and extra bacon. Argh!! Everyday though I crave orange juice and fruit; watermelon, mangos and strawberries, yum!
Vinegar. It's the weirdest thing. I'll get up and have a drink of it in the middle of the night after going to the loo as I can't get back to sleep because I'm craving it so much. The worst thing about it is, I then have to brush my teeth after having it so I don't get acid wear on my teeth, apple cider is my favourite.
Oh and gummie lollies.

Jess 28yrs, 5yr old daughter, 8 month old son and 20 weeks pregnant.

Oh craving cheesy cauliflower bake, chocolate, McDonald's cokes, crushed ice and sweet chilli Philly dip ... So mostly things I'm just not allowed to have
coca cola, never drunk it before, necatrines and peaches, HEAPS OF THEM (least i havent been constipated yet) Lime and black pepper chips asparagus last night thats just the latest cravings (the above mentions of icecream and cauliflour cheese bake have made me want them!)

Lately i haven't been feeling like anything just the thought of food make me feel absolutely blah... I haven't been vomiting with anything which is great, but i work in child care so at lunch time walking through the rooms and smelling all the different lunches oh my god it is horrible. Been staying far away from red meat thats the worst... yuk lots of fruit and vege.

Fruit platter today. We had strawberries, cherries, rockmelon, oranges andapples! It was divine in the hot weather!

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