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What do your children call your parents? Lock Rss


Our baby is due any day now and will have four grandparents and four great-grandparents. This is the first grandchild on both sides and I guess will set the precendent for our siblings' children.

I'm having some trouble coming up with names for all of them.

Just wondering, what do your children call their grandparents?

All I can think of is Grandma/Grandpa and Nanna/Poppa. What are some other options?


Hi my kids call my parents Nana and Grandad and they call there great grandparents Granny and Gramps Lol tongue

What do your parents want to be called?
Mine will be nan and pop

Well, they don't want to be called Grandma and Grandpa coz they don't feel old enough! I'm 32 so they are certainly old enough to be Grandparents.

My mum wanted to take part of her name and add "ma" to the end to make a whole new grandparent name. I told her flat, NO!

I call my grandparents Grandma and Grandpa + their surname (eg Grandma Smith, Grandpa Jones etc). I have three living grandparents and DH has one whom he calls Nanna Alice, so that takes care of our baby's great-grandparents.

Maybe I'll go with Nan and Pop for one set and Nanna and Poppa for the other? Or Gran and Gramps? Running out of time, might decide on the day lol.
DD calls my mum and dad Grandma and Grandpa and she called DPs mum Nani when she was alive. We let the parents decide what they wanted to be called.

I had a Pa, a Grandad & two Nan's. My friend has an Oma & Opa but I think that's dutch and these old people that used to look after us as kids were italian so they were Nono & Nona.
My other friend has a Mama & Papa???

my dd calls hers Nonna and nonno and grumpy and gomma

narelle, vic

ds will call both sets Grandma and Grandpa, not sure how it ended up like that.
he also has Nan for my Nan, GG for my Great Grandma, Great Grandma for dp Grandma and Great Grandpa for dp Grandpa.
He is so lucky to still have all of his grandparents and 50% of his great grandparents.

Nan is almost 85 it didn't seem right calling her great nan. As she is still traveling and young and fit at the moment shes somewhere between Sydney and Hobart on a boat.
DD will call my parents "Cherie" (pronounced Sherry.. her name is Cheryl) and Grandad
and DH parents will be Nanna & Grandad

Amanda, Bianca & Cooper

Our DS calls my mum 'Nan', his Grandparents 'Gran and Grandad' and DH's parents 'Nanie and Pop'. We just asked our parents what they wanted to be called. Doesn't make any difference to us.

My mum and dad are called Nan and Pop, DF's parents are Grandma and Granddad.

My mum requested to be called Nan lol. Plus it's less confusing
MY kids call my parents Nana and Poppy and my partners mum Nona ( italian ) as she wanted to be known as something other than Nana even though none of us are italians. Its easy for the kids.

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