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Morning sickness & food to settle Lock Rss

Hi all
hoping you can help me out. I am about 6.5 weeks pregnant with #2 and feeling morning sickness all day, not to the point of vomiting but feeling unsettled. I seem to want food to help settle my stomach but it also means I seem to end up eating almost constantly all day, which I don't want either! So I'm not hungry, but I need to eat something to settle my tummy....does anyone have any tips about how I can manage this??
Hi Lala,

Im sorry your suffering morning sickness all day. Rather than eating alot have you tried ginger drops to suck on? Or just have a handful of nuts, raisins? Peppermint tea? What about sea sickness bands? I have some bands that never worked for me, I would be happy to post them to you.

I don't have much advice because when im sick I actually cant even make myself eat despite knowing that it will help.

Good luck!!

Oh thanks Star, I haven't heard of ginger drops, but that sounds like a good idea!! where could I get those, do you know? I've been trying to do just small amounts of food regularly, mostly fruit and nuts at this stage - trying to keep my food intake on the healthy end of the spectrum. Going for a walk at lunchtime which should hopefully clear my head a bit too! That's so kind of you to consider posting me the sickness bands smile

congratulations on your bundle by the way, I did see you got the positive in the June thread!! grin Lucky month huh? smile
Thank you. Very lucky month.

I brought ginger lozenges from the chemist. Or try ginger tea.

I am happy to send the bands if you want them, just pm me with your address. Ill have to look for them as we have moved since I was pregnant last. Or if you want to buy some, I think they were like $15-20 at the chemist.

Where abouts in NZ are you?

Good idea, I'll try the chemist for the ginger lozenges and will look at the bands while I'm there - I followed you and noticed in another forum you commented that you had M/S last time round, so I wouldn't want to get them from you only for you to need them yoursel!! I'm in the Waikato smile how about you?
Im in Wellington.

Haha nah my morning sickness was Hyperemesis so the severe version. Nothing apart from medication helps & sometimes not even that. The sea bands never worked for me. If you change your mind let me know.

Good luck!!

Baby #3 and I finally got the joys of morning sickness, from about 11am in the morning until whenever it decided to stop. I wasn't vomiting, just consistently nauseous and hungry, and eating made it worse, but so did not eating! I stopped drinking coffee, which helped. I noticed if I made sure I was drinking plenty of water, it helped. The one thing that really made the nausea seem to disappear was hydralyte iceblocks which have glucose and electrolytes. I would suck on one of those when the nausea wasn't abating even when trying the other things, and it would help. I now keep a stock pile in the freezer but you can buy it in powder form to make up your own drinks. They are available through the chemist.
HI there I'm 3 months pregnant and suffering with morning sickness and I can't drink milk or coffee where can I get the ginger drops from please?
Thanks shannon

Hi Shannon,

Try your pharmacy, they are Ginger lozenges.

Good luck

I had bad morning sickness with bub no2. Whatever you do don't eat big meals or amounts, small amounts or meals frequently only. I remember I used to crave quarter pounders from Macca's all the time so I decided to get a double quarter pounder one day and it was a big mistake, I spewed it all back up, don't eat fatty foods as I found out, they make you feel worse!
Fruit is always good, fresh fruit or tinned, I found porridge or weetbix was ok too, also up n go drinks helped me. Yogurt as well.
It's a trial and error thing, just see what your body can handle you'll soon know what it can and can't!
Good luck, MS is horrible!

Eat small portions but frequently. It's a trial and error what kind of food will make you feel less nauseated. I must say, no matter what you do you won't be able to completely eliminate your sickness. Make sure you rest as much as you can, and of course, stay hydrated. Lemonades worked for me just fine.
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