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I vote quick eze, have used them with all 3 pregnancies, heaps during the last as heartburn was terrible

"Tums" were my saviour for my 3 pregnancies - highly recommend them! smile
I used Rennies with DS and as soon as I fell pregnant with No 2 I went out and got this huge box of it. The liquid stuff makes me sick and some of the tablets were too chalky. Rennies was the only one that didn't make me puke. My 1st pregnancy I had to take a tablet every night from 34 weeks in order to be able to sleep. This time I have already had to start taking one a night at 26 weeks!

i had heart burn during and after pregnancy i used to take a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water i liked if the water was cold but works if the water is warm too smile
i had bad heart burn with my boy where i had to sleep sitting up n still then wasnt getting much sleep, but i went to my G.P n he gave me a script for Ranoxyl which i would take about half an hour before bed was a life saver for me! good luck wishing u all the best!
Rennie was the only chewable tablet (neutralises acid) that worked for me (red box - usually bottom shelf in the supermarket). BUt once I hit 30 weeks even these didn't seem to work very well. My GP recommended Zantac. It's a non-perscription tablet from the pharmacy. Just talk to your GP and pharmacist first to make sure you are ok to take them. These help so much more! (reduces the acid production). Good luck!
TUMS was the only thing that worked for me smile
Quick eze is the only thing that works for me. It takes about 5 - 10 min. to kick in.

Good luck!!

I had heartburn during my pregnancy. I tried acupuncture and it helped. There is a clinic in Prahran that specializes in pregnancy and acupuncture and yoga. I also did the prenatal yoga classes and found that helped for my heartburn. They are called Angea yoga and acupuncture.
hope you have found something by now that helps you.
If not I found that dairy products make it worse for me. increasing my water intake eating smaller meals light exercise all seem to work well during the day. At night I use Gavascon liquid. I take it 30 mins after meals then one hour before bed. Somedays it's not good but I manage to sleep 5 out of 7 nights without problems.

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