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Pregnant and told I have to pay for the flu shot? Lock Rss

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I went to book in for a flu shot at the local medical centre only to be told I'd need to pay $109 for the consultation and the shot. I was pretty sure it was free for pregnant women however the nurse and the receptionist assured me that they recently changed the rules to exclude pregnant women and I'd have to pay for the vaccine if I wanted it. Hence, I decided not to book.

Has anyone else had to pay for their flu shot?

I've checked the NZ influenza website and it definitely says it's free for pregnant women. Not sure if I should try to find another doctor or whether it's actually the norm to have to pay for it?
I had the jab 3 weeks ago and it was free, I am 33 weeks yesterday, and in Chch, it was free for me and both my boys (my youngest is almost 18 months so has to have it in 2 doses, we go back Thurs for his second, plus oldests B4 school check and jab and I'm getting whooping cough vac as apparently pregnant women between 30-36wks are recommended get it). Don't know which part of the country you are in, but I would be ringing round some other Dr's. I can understand them charging a consult fee if you are seeing the Dr, but if it is just the nurse, seems a little odd to me. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have had it free with each.

Thanks for replying! I'm in Wellington and it's my first pregnancy so really appreciate your guidance. I was just going to have the nurse give me the vaccine so in retrospect it was very expensive. I'm going to try some other clinics around the area and see how I get on.
Great to know about the whooping cough vaccine too, I was going to check at my next specialist appointment whether it was recommended so think it's likely I'll get that also.
I am not pregnant but I'm.asthmatic so same rule applies I get it free, my doctor bulk bills so consult is free but we have nurses that give out the shot and do other vaccinations too... Um in Australia though so its probably different yeah? Over 100 for a consult no way that's pathetic.
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