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Chiro during pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi, just curious on your thought. I'm currently 17+ wks with #3 and have been doing chiro throughout my pregnancy, I also have Gestational Diabetes. I went to the chiro for my adjustment a couple of days ago and the Chiro pushed down on my stomach (probably about 4 inches to the left of my belly button) which hurt straight away. Since then I have quite a sharp pain there and also my blood sugar levels seems to be really good yet I haven't changed anything to my diet. My question is should i be worried or am I over reacting and its just a coincidence? I have always done chiro but never this far into a pregnancy, unfortunately it looks like this time round I'm going to have ongoing back pain sad I cant see my doctor till next week.
I did Chiro through my pregnancy but changed from my usual to someone that had specialised pregnancy chiro training, from memory they never pushed down on my stomache and that sounds quite unusual as ive never had that during normal chiro either. Maybe give the midwife or chiro a call and double check what they did and why and explain you have a pain since it occured x

I visited my chiro every 8 weeks for all three of my pregnancy's, his adjusting table pulls apart where you belly is so when your bigger it doesnt get any pressure on it, i dont know why they would press near your belly, i would give the chiro a call and ask what they did and why they did it.


Firstly i would think any good chiropractor would be explaining what they are doing before they do it. I have heard of this being done before for something known as a hiatal hernia, and have heard it can be uncomfortable but not painful. Not sure if there is any risk to a baby when it is done?? (it is said not to be a risk so try not to worry), but then again i still wouldnt be taking any risk in the stomach area and doing it - but thats just me. If you are still in pain i would definitely speak to your chiropractor. Hope all goes well smile
I have seen a Chiro during both pregnancies and now with my third and have had nothing but great results. I would not be walking during my pregnancies if it wasn't for them as my sacro illiac joint goes out earlier each time. Having said that my Chiros have always explained what they were doing and I always end up pain free not in more pain. I would suggest the same as everyone else - call them and ask what they did and the purpose of it. Also tell them that you have pain and check with your Dr at the next visit. I'm sure everything is fine.
I saw the chiro monthly for my first and second pregnancies and never had any dramas, but they never pushed on my stomach. I would maybe give them a ring and ask why the do it and then consult your midwife. Especially if you are experiencing pain.
I saw a chiro every week throughout my pregnancy and had the most wonderful pregnancy - no sickness or symptoms smile if your in melbs I would recommend getting in touch with Vitality Group they are outstanding
That sounds a bit strange - an adjustment through your stomach; even during the course of normal, pre-pregnancy adjustments I've never had that! And I would have thought that as soon as you told your chiropractor you were pregnant that some adjustments would not be used during the course of your pregnancy - least of all one through the stomach.

When I told my chiropractor I was pregnant he immediately stopped side-twisting adjustments, and has only adjusted me through my back on the table (which separates to allow for the baby bump - the only time I can "lay" on my stomach!).

Regardless of being pregnant though, anytime my husband and I would be adjusted our chiro would (when we had been particularly difficult to adjust - usually due to being left too long between treatments) say to call him if we experienced any pain or discomfort that didn't go away within a day or so, and he would see us again (I'm guessing free of charge; we've never had to do it). For that reason I would call your chiro and enquire about the adjustment - it just doesn't sound right to me. My concern of you calling your midwife or doctor would be that so many healthcare professionals don't consider alternative therapies like accupuncture and chiropractic treatments as legitimate and therefore are biased against them from the word go, telling people not to use them - ever.

Having said that though, if you don't feel like you've got a satisfactory response out of your chiropractor when you call, you do have a couple of choices in my opinion: (one) call your midwife or doctor, or (two) find another chiropractor and/or stop seeing the one you are currently.
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