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Weight gain? Lock Rss

I'm not 100% sure how heavy I was to start with. I think 57-59kg.
So at 17 weeks I have already gained between 5.5kg - 7.5kg.

Is this normal or should I be watching what I eat more closely?
I have to admit I don't watch what I eat except that I do eat healthy nutritious food and I am a vegetarian. I don't eat junk food or processed food, but I will eat things like organic butter and cream, full fat milk, cheese etc. I enjoy the good things in

I'm a bit blown away by that weight gain though as I normally have trouble keeping weight on when I am not pregnant :/
I read in one of my baby books that the "average" weight gain in pregnancy is 1-2kg for the whole of the first trimester and 1-2kg per month after that, making the average gain 7-14kg.

Having said that though I've only lost weight since being pregnant... Everyone is different I suppose!
I have given birth 8 weeks ago. I had gained 12 kilos total in my pregnancy and 2 weeks after giving birth I lost the 12 weeks... so in my experience I guess between 10 - 14 kgs are "normal" for the total pregnancy.

I've been a bit concerned about weight gain too so I'll just share what I've learnt.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 56kg and I had only put on 1kg up to 18weeks. By 21 weeks I had put on another 4kgs (Christmas- What can I say?! LOL) but my doctor was VERY concerned and told me if I kept on with that type of weight gain, I'd be overweight by the time bub's born. In the last 2 weeks, I haven't put on any weight so my concern has lessened for myself, I really think it was just the effect of the silly season (which never used to affect me, I've always had a steady weight).

My doctor's told me she only wants me to put on 15kg in total this pregnancy. It does seem almost unattainable seeing my two best friends put on 18kg and 20kg with their first pregnancies and then put on less weight with each consecutive pregnancy. Other friends told me that they weren't even weighed at their prenatal appointments, they had their uterus height measured which my doc has never done. And these ladies think I'm crazy to be even looking at my weight and I should just eat healthy and enjoy my pregnancy and let my body do what it needs to do.

Now for myself, I'm just trying to adjust to my changing body shape and love it for what it is - an amazing thing that is producing a miracle! If I was you, I'd just keep eating healthy and do a bit of exercise whenever you feel like (walking and pregnancy aerobics dvd are my picks smile
Hi, with my first I gained about 30k and had a 3.69k baby boy. I did eat a lot way more then my dh.
This preg I am 10 weeks and have only gained 2because I am watching what I eat. The baby doesn' t want junk they want healthy the junk will end up on you. Although it can be lost after baby is born its hard on your body. I've always heard 15 is normal.
It is not good to starve yourself because you are starving your baby. I have always been blessed with an appetite and haven't had morning sickness.

According to the App I have on my phone at 16 weeks average weight gain to be expected is 2-4 kilos. In saying that though this time I have so far lost 3kgs and put back on about 1.5kgs, making me at 16weeks today still lighter then when I got pregnant. I have never been weighed at an appointment yet, in any of my pregnancies and this is my fourth as I had a m/c at 12 weeks between my 2 boys. Having not haf=d it monitored through pregnancy I can't remember exactly what I gained with the boys but think the most was about 14kg

I don't think you should worry! I'm on my first pregnancy too though, so I can't give advice with any authority smile

My midwife told me that women gain their pregnancy weight at different times. Some people put on more in the second trimester than in the third, others put on a lot in the first and then slow right down. It's not like you're putting on weight because you're living on KFC and icecream. Surely, as long as you're eating healthily, your baby will be happy.
There's a chart in my ob's office and I can't remember for the life of me what the figures are... I'll see if I can find a link

Anywho, it gives a rough guideline of how much you "should" gain based on your pre-preg bmi. Basically, the lower your bmi, the more they expect you to gain.

As with any of these though, its nice to have some sort of guideline but everybody is so different it's hard to judge what is truly "normal".

ETA - LINK Not the table I was looking for, but it's along similar lines... scroll down to where it says "underweight", "overweight" etc...

Hi girls,

I'm 19 weeks pregnant, started at 49kg, and I've put on 4kg. At 19 weeks last time (only 18 months ago) I had only put on 2kg. I'm a bit worried because I seriously feel like eating everything in my path!

That figure of only putting on 10-14 kg is a scary one! I am very short and was 47kg last time around... I put on 16kg. I was convinced it was all fat (and my partner, who is a doctor, very nicely told me it was fat and that I was eating too much!)...

Three days after the birth I had lost 11 kilos... Three weeks after I had lost all of the weight (and I was eating normally and not exercising). Turns out it was mostly excess fluid (yes, partner is being v. nice this time around)!

I have a 65kg friend and she put on 27kgs. Three months after the birth she had nearly lost it all, with not too much effort.

Everyone's stories and bodies are so different but I think if you eat healthily (sounds like you are), are managing to walk a fair bit each day and only eat up to an extra 200 calories a day, you will find it all comes off after the birth.
Hi Ladies!

I was really worried about my weight gain during pregnancy especially the last few weeks were I put on most of the weight. I ended up putting on 10kg (which probably doesnt seem too much) and had my daughter at 38 weeks. I ended up losing 9kg in a week. I think a lot of the weight you put on is fluid and it does come off. As long as you are eating healthy I wouldnt worry too much! It will come off!!!

All the best with your pregnancies!
Im super fit, winning 10km plus races while not pregnant, however the moment i get pregnant i just get huge! I started at 65kgs with all my pregnancies, put on 30kgs and almost hit 100kgs with my first two and my current pregnancy i am at 11 weeks and already have put on about 3.5kgs, its ridiculous, im sure my metabolism just stops as soon as i get pregnant.
This pregnancy i have been trying to eat as healthy as possible and its seriously not doing a thing, im resigning myself to the fact im going to be huge again haha

My pre-pregnancy weight was about 53kg.
When I was 3 months I had only put on 2 kg. At 5 months an additional 3 kg. I weighed myself last week at 33 weeks and was incredibly shocked to see I now weigh 66 kg. Where the weight has gone I have no clue! I'm certainly not looking any more than 3 months pregnant and still fit into my size 8 clothes. blink
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