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Back to the gym... Lock Rss

I haven't been to the gym for about 3 months. I'm not a hard core gym junky I just enjoy the time out and feel energised after it. A mixture of circumstances has kept me away, sick kids, packing and moving at short notice then a bit of laziness.

My last 2 pregnancies i've only done aqua aerobics. This time i'd like to go back to what was doing a few months ago, which was zumba a couple of times a week then into the gym once to use the bike and treadmill. I wont be able to go back now till after the school holidays so it'll be close to 5 and 1/2 month since i've been by then, should I be ok to gentley get back into it? I will talk to the fitness instructor for advice first. Just looking for your personal experience. I'll get into the aqua aswell but will wait till i'm getting big!

I'll be about 14 weeks when I can go back.

i was forced out of the gym due to my severe hyperemesis. after 12 weeks out i joined again last week and plan to start going on a regular basis next week.

before i was pregnant and sick i was in the gym 6-7 days a week and i was doing roughly 5 spin classes a week plus 1 personal training session.
now im back and because im still on medication to keep my severe morning sickness at bay i have to be mindful of not going to hard. atm im just doing walking on the treadmill, a low level on the cross trainer and low resistence on the cardio bikes.

i would speak to ur trainer and just get them to run over what would be ideal for u to do in the way of classes ect. at my gym they offer a range of yoga and pilates and i plan to do these and just let the instructor know im pregnant smile
It's a great gym the only class they don't do is yoga! And I get 2 hours creche a day. Looking forward to being able to go back! One of DS#1's friends family owns a daycare centre on the way to the gym and have said he can go and play sometimes durinf the hol's so gonna ask if they mind maybe taking him for me so I go the gym.
hi i am 10 week preg i havnt been to gym for about 4 weeks realy missing it, as i use to go at least every day,the last class i did was a pump class (weights) but i started to get to hot by the time i go thome i was sick,my energy levels are starting to pick up now so hoping to start back slowly see how i go, been way to hot here in tassie be better if during a class they would leave the fans on and use the air con!! grrr
I was doing body balance (pilates/yoga) 3-5 times a week before I fell pregnant. I kept going in the first few weeks as I felt ok, I went til about 7 weeks maybe, but then when the MS hit I cut right back and was only making it once a week at the most. I missed a couple of weeks completely as well.

Then Christmas came and went with all the public holidays and us being away so I have really only just got back into it properly.

I now go 3 times a week again. It is sooooooo good for my state of mind and physical well being. I find my back gets niggly and I get a pain down my right buttock, it feels really tight, when I don't make it for a few days. As soon as I have been my back is better and I just feel happier and more centred.

At the moment I am doing a couple of modifications to the back track as we lay on our bellies a fair bit and that is now uncomfortable for me, but up until about 14 weeks I was able to do everything as per normal.

I am also choosing a couple of lower options for a few of the exercises if I feel any strain. I am just listening to my body as I have been doing yoga for 12 months now I know what feels ok.

I also plan to add some treadmill sessions in there as well for general fitness.
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