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Zero Appetite! Lock Rss

Hi everyone!

I am 6 weeks pregnant with bub number two, and have no appetite whatsoever. My DS is turning three next month, and I can't remember many specifics of that pregnancy anymore. Is it normal to lose your appetite? I know I need to eat, and I am trying to, but I can't think of any foods that appeal to me. I haven't experienced too much nausea yet, but feel like if I eat most foods I would be sick!

What did others do in this situation? I know it sounds so silly - I'm hungry but just don't feel like eating! Very confusing.

I'm 7 weeks along and feel the same. I do remember from my last pregnancies feeling the same way so I know that if I just make something and eat it, I will feel better so that's what i've been doing. It's hard though because the thought of eating makes me feel ill.
The joys smile
I was the same! So so hungry but the thought was over whelming!
And I just could not decide on what i wanted either!
I ended up eating quite a bit of toast, and as much fruit as I could.
I found once I had apples I just wanted more and more!
Its not the best or most filling thing how ever but its still something! smile

Let us know how u get on smile
I've just hit 26 weeks and still feel that way...
Toast and fruit (apples, pears, strawberries & oranges) and Chinese food (Singapore noodles with Mongolian Steak) have been staples from day 1...
Thanks for all the replies - glad to know I'm not alone!

I'm now 26 weeks and things have only slightly improved. Most of the time all I can manage is a bit of fruit and some toast! Meat is a huge no-no, especially chicken. Bizarre because I was all for it before this pregnancy. I'm a little concerned about how poor bub is coping with the lack of nutrition, but I've put on ~5kg so he's obviously getting something! Will keep making an effort though.

Glad to come across this post lol.

I am not 27 almost 28 weeks along and WOWIES I have Nooooo appetite what so ever!
And as for meat ewww the thought makes me want to spew.
I have only put on 1KG this pregnancy so far - but no concerns form midwife he apparently feels very big and healthy...very strange.
I kind of know how you feel and actually came on the forum to vent about this very frustration!

I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and feeling quite emotional today. After getting a lecture last night from my hubby about not eating correctly, I'm now trying to find recipes and food which I think I'll be able to stomach and include more vegies and fruit.
This last week imparticular I have gagged at the thought of making dinner which usually consists of meat and salad. Pretty much all I've been eating is bread, cheese, milk, cereal, dried fruit and chocolate Yogos. I dont think this is so bad (could be a lot worse, could be a lot better) but hubby just has no understanding how strong my aversions are. I'm not just being a spoilt brat, am I?

The thing is I'm constantly hungry but can hardly stand the thought of any food. I would still say I am eating enough and regularly, plus I'm on Elevit. I'm just having a bad day sad
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