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Planning for Pregnancy


Are you experiencing difficulty trying to get pregnant?

Check out this great list of resources in Australia and NZ!

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Looking for OBGYN in Perth

Hi All This is my first post so apologies if I am posting in the wrong forum?! I'm hoping ...

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Prolonged spotting and cramping

Hi all, has anyone experienced prolonged period like pain and spotting before period? I have been...

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First IVF fail

Trying to find women with similar problems as me I guess to give me some hope back. I am 24 and h...

5 replies

ivf journey is challenging one, stay positive and keep your chin up. Know know easy to say, but not so easy to do


Seeking support and information through Primary IVF

Hello, I have just made my appointment to start my IVF process for 8th February 2016 and i am fee...

2 replies

That's exciting you are starting your IVF journey! We wish you all the very best of luck with it! ps there is this group you m...


Do you believe you can naturally determine the gender of your baby?

Tell us what methods you used - e.g. did you use any herbs, or particular positions which you thi...

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What are the best positions for getting pregnant?

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ttc #3

I just want to find out if anyone has experienced this. I am 6 dpo and I am super hungry I have e...

2 replies

Hi there, thank you for your reply I got my BFP 3 days ago and still eat like a pig lol I already picked up 1kg


could I be pregnant

Hi there I no this prob sounds silly but could I be pregnant. Ive been breastfeeding my daughter ...

4 replies

I actually always got spotting on the mini pill, that and the hormones (or lack there of) are the reasons I stopped taking it. Let ...


Not sure when you ovulate? Check out these symptoms

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Vasectomy reversals in New Zealand

Hi, thinking go get vasectomy reversal done and just wondering if there was anyone on here that&#...

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Adelaide IVF clinics

Hi, my husband and I have been referred to fertility specialists to discuss IVf due to myself hav...

12 replies

Hi, I found the whole IVF process very difficult emotionally and knowing how much stress might influence our chance of falling preg...


TTC after mirena removal

What has everyones experiences been TTC after having the mirena removed? Did you return to normal...

2 replies

Hello there, I had my Merina removed 3 months ago first Month was all over bleeding but after that it became normal. I didn't ...


Brownish/Red discharge after four BFP's same day?! TERRIFIED HELP!

Hi ladies, This is my very first post on ANY forum... I couldn't find any help on posting ...

3 replies

Thank you so much for your quick replies. I still have watery brown stuff if I physically check. But only a tiny spot here and the...


Surrogate Mother

Hi,We are couple for 10 years.We have one 7 year old child.We would like to have another child bu...

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Close age gap and autism

Hi everyone My adorable DD is 9 months old and I am 23 weeks pregnant with bub #2 so they will be...

1 reply

Hi Renee I had my kids 16 months apart and i can assure you that they are both healthy and fine. Neither of them have autism or aspe...


TTC October 2015

Thought I'd kick start the October board Abbreviations list as follows: TTC - Trying to c...

79 replies

Guys, i need tips for migrating to Sydney for work permit. i consulted many people here in India but maximum are giving me advise to...


surrogate wanted

Hi there, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for many years and have suffered multiple...

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Your partner's role in IVF

In what ways (beyond the obvious) does your partner support you? Tell us about some of the ways t...

1 reply

IVF is a costly process and the outcome of an IVF cycle is highly uncertain too. This creates a lot of mental stress for both husban...



Thought I'd kick start the December thread for those who are/will be moving into December so...

86 replies

We DTD 4 times during O - although I have been feeling extremely fatigued for the last 5 days, which is completely out of character....


Mater or Wesley Brisbane - Alex Alexander or Ross Turner

Hi everyone,first post here. I'm looking at an obstetrician and hospital, either the Wesle...

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Mater or Wesley Brisbane - Alex Alexander or Ross Turner

Hi everyone,first post here. I'm looking at an obstetrician and hospital, either the Wesle...

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Is this a second line ?

I took a first response pregnancy test this afternoon, there was a second line so I pulled it apa...

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Am I pregnant??? Brown flow

Hi everyone, New to this forum, so sorry if posting in the wrong section. Been trying for a baby...

3 replies

I would wait for another week and re-test. Home pregnancy tests vary in their accuracy (i.e., how sensitive they are to hCG), and mo...


Did you take any herbs or do acupuncture to help you conceive?

Do you think it helped?

4 replies

I swear by acupuncture. It did wonders for me and I truly believe it was what got me over the line after trying for 1 year for ds 2 ...


First Response test- faint pink line ??

hello ladies ! I have some questions that need to be answered! I bought a first response test an...

5 replies

Any news yet?


Looking for a Surrogat Mother in New Zealand (My Earth Angel)

Hello my name is Jesse and I a twenty six year old single male who lives in Auckland. I am warm h...

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What vitamins or supplements are you taking to help you get pregnant?

Tell us what's working for you!

1 reply

Hi, I am currently using Evening Primrose Oil to help with my skin, but I've read it has a benefit of helping with Egg White ...


How early did you get symptoms?

Hello, I am currently TTC and my period is due in 6 days. I have started feeling a little nausea ...

5 replies

I was waiting and waiting for my period to come and it didn't. The first symptom I had was my boobs got really heavy-feeling an...


Ralovera? And pregnancy

Hi everyone so I have just been prescribed ralovera as a substitute for povera as its been 48 goi...

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Has this happened to anyone else?

I had a lot of pregnancy symptoms before AF. i was for sure i was pregnant, but all the tests wer...

1 reply

when i was tryin i would get symptoms like this but i was never pregnant, your body tricks u..idk why i think cause u want it so bad...



Hi everyone. I am moving over from ttc October. Af arrived two days early. Dissapointed as we ti...

63 replies

Pretty sure I'm out. I've had bleeding since yesterday (which was earlier than expected). It's like AF but it's...


Clucky after loss...

Hey hey! I wanted to know if I am the only one out there feeling like this ... I have a 5yr old ...

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Early ovulation?

Hi there I was just wondering if anyone has had a Very early ovulation and gotten pregnant? I had...

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MMR booster

I havent posted on here for YEARS! HI all... I had my second baby 16 months ago. before TTC with ...

2 replies

I had all vaccinations as a child and teenager. I had a blood test prior to ttc DD, and had no rubella immunity, so got another vac...


Poll: Who drinks/drank during TWW

Random question... Who drinks alcohol during their TWW? I avoid alcohol during pregnancy but I d...

2 replies

I had a couple of drinks in the tww. I wouldn't have gone overboard, but a few glasses of wine in the week, I felt was ok.


I'm confused! Trying to conceive and new job

Hi! So I'm a little confused to do with parental leave. I recently just had a missed miscarr...

2 replies

I'm pretty sure it's your due date!


looking for a surrogate mother Sydney

Hi all, My wife and I are married for 10 years and very much looking forward to create a small f...

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TTC - Anovulation

I am new here and looking for a bit of advice I stopped taking Norimin at the end of April - 29...

1 reply

Agree with the above. Depending where you are in NZ I'd go to a fertility clinic like fertility associates - or one that does p...


TTC October / The two week wait

Hi all, My husband and I only started trying last month . So this is the two week wait to see if ...

1 reply

Hi. Good luck to you. There's a November board going if you want to chat with others who are also TTC (I'm in the TWW righ...