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Planning for Pregnancy


About to start IVF? Check this out! Lock

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AF or...? Please Share Opinions/Similar Experiences!! Lock

Hubby and I are on month 5 of TTC. AF was due Tuesday April 5th, and when I started getting cramp...

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Thank you! Today I've worn a panty liner and there has been nothing on it this far, the flow seems to be much lighter and only ...


New to this group and trying to conceive Lock

I'm a very healthy and active 22 year old. I was diagnosed with PCOS in August 2015 not havi...

5 replies

Hi! I'm 22 and TTC too. I think the best way to conceive when you have irregular cycle is to do ovulation tests. Here is also ...


Should I switch to another clinic for IVF Lock

I was just wondering if anyone can give some suggestions on whether I should change IVF clinic fo...

4 replies

Go to your go and ask for a recommendation and tell them that you have tried that company a few times.


Clomid success rate Lock

Hi there I am new to the forum but my doctor has recently started me on clomid following having...

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Starting cycle of Clomid Lock

Hi girls, Just wondering if there is anyone out there starting clomid or who had tried it. I&#x...

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Hi Girls, Thank you for your reply and so sorry for not responding sooner. im just so exhausted and tired. Your response means a ...


Maybe Baby Result Lock

Using maybe baby to track ovulation but confused by reading. I have a lot of ferns with some bubb...

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Is anyone currently going through the Two Week Wait? Lock Or share your tips for how you stayed positiv...

1 reply

YES! It's the worst. I have no tips for distracting myself. lol


How early did you do a pregnancy test??? Lock

Hey Ladies, Sorry to be annoying as you are probably sick of seeing my name come up. But I was...

19 replies

Currently 10dpo got a faint second line yesterday with a confirm test but it could be an evap line as it showed up at after the 10mi...


Want to increase your fertility? Read this! Lock

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surrogate mother Lock

I am wanting to be a surrogate mother,who do i get in touch with?

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Hi Ebzngahooro11, where about are u based my hubby and I are looking for a surrogate mother. We are in Auckland


TTC March 2016 Lock

On to cycle 12 it is. Thought I'd start this for those who are out for February. FX this mon...

124 replies

How you getting on Lessy23? I'm going to test again on Friday if AF doesn't show up. Call me delusional, but I'm not ...


IVF first round Lock

Hi all I am currently doing my first round of IVF treatment. I am 26 years on and my husband is ...

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Hi Calebnsarah, what was the outcome if you don't mind me asking? x

Bleeding at day 22 on Clomid? Lock

Could possibly be implantation bleeding? Did the bleeding stop or did AF arrive?

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Asherman syndrome Lock

Has anyone on here had a successful pregnancy with Asherman syndrome?

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Help Us With Our Happily Ever After - NZ Couple Seeking an Egg Donor Lock

Hi Everyone We really hope that you can be the miracle we are looking for, to help give our liv...

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how to predict about ovulation when period late Lock

Last month, my cycle period was 32 days, but this month my period is coming late 12 days. Someone...

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Endometriosis and pregnancy Lock

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Surrogate Angel Needed Lock

Hello My partner and I are a hetrosexual couple and we have embryos but due to a cesarean scar p...

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Ttc epo delaying ovulation? Lock

Just wondering if anyone has taken evening primrose oil to try and increase ewcm and has then end...

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TTC after loss Lock

I have had two recent miscarriages, one on january 9th and another on february 27th. I was fortun...

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What is the best time of the month for getting pregnant? Ladies get your diaries out! Lock

2 replies

Usually the best time for conception for 12-16 days before the start of the next menstrual cycle.


missing period but pregnancy test is negative Lock

Hi everyone, i miss 7 days period and until now i still cannot get period. I have tried pregnancy...

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Need an IVF treatment Lock

Hi everyone! I'm new here, but feel like I need help and support, because me and my husband ...

3 replies

Hi guys! thanks a lot for your replies, they give me some hope! Could you please tell me what agency you worked with? I also would l...


TTC and faint positive result Lock

my period is due on the 22/03 (tomorrow) and I tested Sat and got a faint posistive and tested ag...

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When your partner wants another child but you don't... Lock

Have you ever been in this situation? How did you approach it?

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Looking for a surrogate mother in Auckland New Zealand Lock

Hi, my husband and i have been married for 10 yrs and we would love to have a child of our own, i...

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missing period Lock

Does anyone get experience about missing period? Please let me know I am missing 3 days period, i...

2 replies

Tks for your idead I am waiting for 1 week period late and then i will get a home pregnancy test. And i am going to see doctor if it...


Experience with IVF clinics Lock

It’s been two and a half years that my husband and I are trying to fight infertility. We have con...

1 reply

Hi there We have several threads dealing on IVF in Australia but not the US. Maybe you could contact the Huggies USA forum if you s...


Wedding while pregnant or after baby is born??? Lock

Hi all you beautiful mum's out there!! I am after some advice about wedding planning. My dau...

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What's your story? Lock

Thought it might be nice to get to know all the TTC ladies here Well I'm 22 as is my husba...

3 replies

Hi girls I'll be turning 34 next month (eeek!!) and my partner is 31 - we've been together coming up 3 years and I have...


Darwin private Lock

Just looking for info on Darwin Private Hospital. Also Obs and costs. Any info on Obs and giving ...

2 replies

Hi ladies, I had 2nd baby in Darwin private in 2008 although naturally (and no time for drugs), my obs was dr cho. I don't kno...


Primary IVF Lock

Hello all Can anyone share their thoughts/experiences on Primary IVF, Melbourne clinic is due to...

4 replies

Hi Shelleys77, Sorry for not replying sooner. I had used my old Hotmail email address when I first signed into huggies last year, ...


Trying to get pregnant? Check out our Ovulation Calculator! Lock

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Surrogate Mother Lock

I would like to help a couple have a baby. I'm single and I don't want to do this later...

1 reply

Firstly, what a lovely thing to do for somebody, I admire your generosity. May I suggest you speak to a counsellor about your decis...


Morning Sickness the 2nd time around but not first time. Lock

Has anyone out there not had any morning sickness in their first pregnancy and then had it in the...

14 replies

I could have written these posts. My first pregnancy I felt great (although didnt find out until out 9 weeks) all throughout and had...


Check out these great tips including Michelle Bridges talking about fertility diets! Lock

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try to conceive in Feb Lock

I have tried to intercourse from 24 to 28 of Feb to get pregnancy. These days were on high fertil...

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Gestational Diabetics Lock

My First child I had to give myself insulin the last 3 months of my pregrency.. I am so scared my...

1 reply

Uncertain about precisely what you are searching for, before getting any medicine or herbs you must consult with a doctor. For more ...


TTC February 2016 Lock

I thought i would start a new thread for the month that is know as the month of love. I am hoping...

116 replies

Anyone still waiting? I'm one day late today and still testing negative.