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6 1/2 month old and preganant! Rss

Hi all,

Just to let you all know that im pregnant with my second baby. My first daughter is only 6 1/2 months. It has come as a shock to both me and my hubby but we are both very happy. He just tells me he isnt coming near me again as he only has to touch me and i get pregnant hahahaha....if there is anybody that has been through the same thing i am going to go through with the babys being close together. Could you please lend me some advice on how it is....i know they will both be in nappies and it will be hard but im not sure what to expect...
i conceived my 4th baby when my third baby was 6 weeks old, so there is 10.5 months apart. The thing i found hard at first was that they both didn't walk, so to get to the car , or anywhere i had to carry both of them, which was difficult, they both didn't sleep through the nite either and i was and still am sleep deprived, but nothing major has arisen to be more difficult than that, the boys are now 2 and 20 months and they follow each other around playing, hitting each other, they love being together,, but there is extra mischief in the house, some days it's like they get out of bed and have a meeting and say you go this way i'll go that way and cause as much destruction as we can!!!!!! All in all though, i am really glad they are so close in age, they enjoy the same activities, when one is hungry and thirsty so is the other one, so it all works well. Some days are harder than others, but everybody has that happen whether we have a close gap or bigger one, but generally it's all positive, My 2 yo is toilet trained and the youngest one is copying him going to the toilet so that's a bonus, that it's not difficult to get the TT out of the way. Good luck, and trhere are way more good times than bad, just might be a couple of months before things become clear and not so blurred., and if you have support, that makes it a whole lot easier.
I knew with all 8 of my pregnancies. Burping is the dead giveaway that I'm pregnant, without a fail, every single time, if I start burping around the time I'm due - then I'm knocked up. However this may not be a good thing considering, I'm yet to hold a living breathing bubba in my arms. Maybe the time I DON'T know I'm knocked up and then later find out I am will deliver me a viable pregnancy, who knows, I don't anymore.
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