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18 Days Late Negative Test Lock Rss

Hi All,

Just looking for some advise, I am now 18 days late for my AF which is unusual as I am always regular and never skipped a period. I have noticed that my breasts have got a little bigger as they are only small. I have mild cramps, tired and need to Pee. I have had 2 miscarriages in the past so little bit worried if I am pregnant. My husband say it is best to wait till my next period is due.
I knew two days after having sex that I was pregnant, so I went out and bought a home pregnancy test, worked out what day it would be accurate (6 days before due date) circled that date on the calendar and then waited.

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Hi dear! Sounds good for me..I mean you may be possibly prego. (And I do feel huge sorrow for all the miscarriages you had to face). Haven't you taken any home pregnancy test? This is going to be no.1 to do. And your dh is asking you to wait until your next period. I think you could get answers sooner than that. 18 days late is just enough for the ''pregnancy'' hormone to show off. No.2 you can do is to go to your doc and ask for blood test. This is going to be the most accurate way to find out. I know one thing for sure. I'd never be able to wait longer if being in your shoes haha. Waiting has always been the toughest stage for me. Maybe because I passed numerous treatments to have my baby. and I had to survive mc, chemical. bfn..etc when finally saw so long awaited bfp. That's why waiting means so much in my life.
I believe you're a strong one. You will cope with it. Just make sure things are going right for you (and probably your LO) at doctor's. Wishing you all the very best x
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