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Ovulation induction - general facts Rss

If you're using your own eggs during IVF, at the start of a cycle you'll begin treatment with synthetic hormones to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs.. rather than the single egg that normally develops each month. Multiple eggs are needed because some eggs won't fertilize or develop normally after fertilization. You may need several different medications, such as:
Medications for ovarian stimulation. To stimulate your ovaries, you might receive an injectable medication containing FSH, LH or a combination of both. These medications stimulate more than one egg to develop at a time.
Medications for oocyte maturation. When the follicles are ready for egg retrieval - generally after eight to 14 days - you will take HCG or other medications to help the eggs mature.
Medications to prevent premature ovulation.These medications prevent your body from releasing the developing eggs too soon.
Medications to prepare the lining of your uterus. On the day of egg retrieval or at the time of embryo transfer, your doctor might recommend that you begin taking progesterone supplements to make the lining of your uterus more receptive to implantation.
Your doctor will work with you to determine which medications to use and when to use them.
Typically, you'll need one to two weeks of ovarian stimulation before your eggs are ready for retrieval.
How are you? I hope you are great. I am really sorry to hear about your story. However, i do agree with you. What you are saying is completely correct. I hope you get what you want. Good Luck.

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Thank you for this post. Very informative. And know what, takind fertility meds and doing injections were the things which drove me crazy. From the very beginning I was truly afraid of those!! But then just got used to those. I'd been through different treatment plans. Only DE IVF brought us long awaited luck.
Whatever your path is, for sure you aren't alone with your problem. I believe you've got a supportive second half by your side. Then you'll find lots of lovely ladies here willing to share experienced things and support you in this way.
Now I feel I need to take my word, as am also familiar to the path. Due to my diagnosis we were suggested to pass ivf cycles. No male fertility issues. So had my first egg collection then and was broken with its results. 4 immature, 2 showed no features of fertilizing. Was so destroyed that it seemed I could never get out of it. Also we were not sure our previous clinic just knew what to do with us. I suppose they chose the wrong option for us. Or at least did something wrongly. My God, I was so angry with the situation and couldn't make my mind on the point. Of course this was not good news as for my eggs. I was realistic and judging from the procedure I couldn't deny there was a great problem with them. But still, what if something else could be done to improve my chances? --that was ruining my mental peace really..I was not sure how I would cope with all that. In the clinic we were told another reason lied in my womb. Sounds like it has an abnormality. But I didn't really trust them any more. We switched after some time so on.
This rollercoaster is difficult to move through. I'd been though the pain of chemical, mc and bfn. To cope with those tough stages one should definitey have someone supportive by side. Otherwise it's gonna be the huge emotional and mental burden. which is hard to endure. You should always remember what for you're doing all this. I'm wishing you all the very best of luck.
The information you provide it's really valuable for you to get pregnant, many thanks for all that.

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Is it all-natural and safe? I'm not into using meds without good reason... Happy Wheels

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Hope this message finds you well and healthy. I know a pretty good time has passed since the last post here but this might be still interesting for others just at the begining with their journeys. Although several drugs and protocols are available to stimulate the ovaries to produce extra eggs for IVF, most clinics utilize only a few of these stimulation protocols. One of the more common IVF protocols is called luteal suppression. It involves suppression of the ovaries using a Lupron during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle preceding the planned IVF treatment cycle. Once the ovaries are suppressed, ovarian stimulation is accomplished with daily injections of Gonal-F, Follistim. Lupron is usually continued until the day of the HCG trigger shot. Another common protocol is called flare stimulation. In this case the woman does not take any medications until the second day of her menstrual cycle. At that time a microdose of Lupron is used to flare the pituitary gland and induce it to release its store of FSH and LH. A third, more recent option is GnRH-antagonist stimulation, in which GnRH antagonists are added later in the stimulation to prevent premature ovulation.Once the follicles have reached a specific size – usually 12 to 14 mm, the woman begins the GnRH-antagonist medication. Some reproductive endocrinologists prescribe oral contraceptive pills to their female patients prior to beginning the actual ovarian stimulation drugs, but this practice varies between patients and fertility clinics. he type of protocol selected for any patient (i.e., luteal suppression, flare stimulation or GnRH antagonist) depends on the individual patient and the philosophy of the fertility clinic. Factors that may influence the type of stimulation protocol selected include the patient’s age, her day 3 hormone levels, her follicle antral count as determined by ultrasound, and her previous responses to any other attempts at ovarian stimulation. As you can see meds do play an important role in the whole infertility treatment process.
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