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sorry i'm venting Lock Rss

I'm so sorry. It is very hard, and the majority of women who are fertile just do not understand. Like you, I long for a child. Right now it is just DH and me. And every day we pray for children. I always say I would be so happy if I could just have one, but really I know I want 2. Ironically, I think my faith in God has actually gotten stronger in this whole ordeal. I also realize that the testing of my faith makes me a stronger person. Even though I have not gotten my BFP yet, I feel the peace and comfort. Some days may be hard. Sometimes people can make us feel miserable. They can take away our hope by just saying a few words. But we should be strong for us, for our husbands and for our future children.

I truly hope the above doesn't offend anyone who may not be religious whether it be because of infertility or not. It is totally normal to feel like God has forgotten about you when you are going through something like this that hurts so bad. It helps me to remember all of the blessings He has given me. And it also helps me to do something nice for someone else. Serving others gets my mind off of my infertility. Of course, it's easier said than done. I certainly don't always do the right thing, but I try anyway. My plans for the coming week are to send some flowers and good cheer to a friend who just had surgery and has NO family, no husband, no children, no parents, only one brother who lives very far away. Also I’ll bring some food and goodies to local animal shelter. It always makes me feel much better, especially when I have rough days.
I know this pain. I know how it is to have no possibility to give birth to a child without med help. We were trying to conceive naturally for two years. This doesn’t seem we haven’t done any tests. We simply hoped to the last moment. Finally, the desired pregnancy didn’t occur. We felt disappointed and embarrassed. That was not the way we planned the things to go. After visiting two clinics we made our choice in favor of IVF procedure. Of course, we could try less invasive treatment options before attempting IVF - intrauterine insemination or using fertility drugs. And actually we tried the last one, just to make sure. It is done to increase production of eggs. That wasn’t the best episode of the treatment. As a result my ovaries became swallen and painful. I couldn’t get rid of abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea for several weeks. But all those things became unimportant when at last we were announced to be parents in nine months! How do your stories continue??
Tarabb677 wrote:
I'm so sorry to hear this, honey. This always pains to put all your strength into struggling and end up with loss. Hoping time will heal your wounds. I'm wishing you all luck in the world with your final IVF shot. I'm not here to advice or smth. Everyone's path is so much individual. So probably you'll need your dr as the only adviser here. From my own experience I know what an emotional and physical rollercoaster IVF might be. So it's very important you feel safe with the place you're in. This didn't happen to me at clinic#1 and #2. So we switched for overseas one. Also we opted for donor eggs as mine were of no use. The most difficult decision ever! I look back and am terrified how strong we all were! I'm amazed at how much the person's heart can endure! I've never imagined myself in those shoes - and here we are, it happened. So we had to go somehow through. I'd really love to hear some of the updates from you soon. At least saying you feel much better. Emotional health is also one of the priorities.

Yes, dealing with the process demands strong nerves and patience. We’re so have to have our sweethearts to support us. As for me, I can’t imagine how I might cope without my husband’s soothing. So, coming back to what happened next. We were assured to try IUI first, and we followed the advice. It took us some time to get prepared for it and everything passed quite well. Everybody was satisfied and willing to state the success. Again – failure. Yet another disappointment. We spent some time thinking about other options. Finally, after weighing all pros and cons we made a conclusion that the procedure of harvesting and fertilizing eggs via IVF could be a win-win option. But when they told us about the risks each step of IVF cycle carries we were shocked! We didn’t know it was so complicated! The procedure itself increases the risk of multiple births. There is still the fact of miscarriage and it’s the same as for women who conceive naturally. Also ectopic pregnancy and possible birth defects. Were you told about it before passing IVF??
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