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Hi guys. So the decision is final. We will be starting our surrogacy program soon. We have set a date with our clinic for the initial consultation. We need lots of prayers. If any of you has been through this and has some advice or tips, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
I hope things go well. The waiting line initially can be long. Therefore, your turn might come a little late. It really depends! However, it is really good that the clinic has provided you a date. They are very punctual in that matter. Apart from this for surrogacy number one tip is that you will have to be patient. The process is very long and things will happen one at a time. I am in the middle of the process and I know how long it takes. However, my surrogate got pregnant and that just gave me soo much motivation. Make sure to be on good terms with the surrogate. I am already very close friends with her and respect her. Apart, from that be positive. I learned so much from this experience and there is so much more to learn. Good luck to you.
HI! Thank you so much for this comment. It's so helpful. I really appreciate all the advice you gave. Its good to know that you have gotten so far in your journey. We can be surrogacy buddies. It's so exciting. There's one thing I wanted to ask you though. How much time did they take in order to find you your surrogate?
Hey Cathy! I hope you are doing good. I am so happy for you. That is such a good news, Congratulations. Your dream of becoming a mother is not that far away now. The clinic you chose for yourself is where I am having my treatment right now. I am so excited we can be surrogacy buddies. My surrogate is pregnant for a while now and I m this close to my dream. It just feels like that I found a new reason to live again. I just can't wait to hold my baby in my hands. The one question you asked Monika that how much time it takes to find a surrogate, Almost 1 week. I don't know for sure but yes at my time it took them 1 week. But don't worry even if it takes longer then usual be patient because they will find the right surrogate for you. In this journey, it's important that you don't rush things and stay calm. I hope everything goes well for you. Stay Blessed!
Hi Cathy! I hope things go well for you. I m glad that you are taking your first step towards surrogacy. My sister had her baby through surrogacy so I can tell you that the treatment is successful. My sister also had her surrogacy at the same clinic you are opting for. So you are opting for a clinic with high success rate, looks like you have done your research. This clinic's success is all over the forums now. I have recently started my IVF at this clinic so I hope to see you there someday. Don't worry you are in good hands. You just have to stay patient. Things will happen for you when the time is right. Good Luck. Stay blessed. Sending baby dust your way.
Monikadavid399 wrote:
C_Lains wrote:
Hi, lovelies. I'm on the other side of the fence and mine was the case of donor egg IVF. Still we've always counted on surrogacy as our last option is case there's no luck with any other treatment. So we did a huge research on the point while undergoing IVF shot at Ukrainian clinic. From what we've got to know, it's absolutely surrogacy friendly country. Meaning the IP are considered to be the only legal parents of the baby born. The birth certificate is issued with their names. (even though donor egg was used). The surrogate has no right to keep the baby after deliver (even though she changes her mind - you WILL GET your baby in every case). Ukrainian law protects all the sides of the process, so there could be hardly a thing to worry about. If you're from the UK, I'd definitely recommend you looking through which is absolutely awesome for the details of surrogacy treatment for the UK citizens in particular. In brief, surrogacy process in Ukraine goes on like this:
Initial consultation. It usually contains the following activities: A set of tests depending on the program (fasting is mandatory). Consultation with a fertility specialist who will be in charge of your program (in case of stimulation you will need to have the transvaginal ultrasound check done). Consultation with a manager who will guide you through the program step by step. Signing of contracts. Before any initial consultation you will receive the Guidelines for the Initial Consultation – failure to follow these recommendations may affect the initial consultation in a negative way. Search & confirmation of a surrogate mother, matching process. Waiting time depends on the type of contact. Stimulation & synchronisation stage (about 2 weeks). The cycle of egg donor or the biological mother is synchronised with the cycle of a surrogate mother. According to your contract you have to follow all doctors instruction. In case of self-treatment or violation of the treatment protocol, the clinic may cancel the cycle and terminate the contract. Fertilization day, embryo transfer – the 2nd visit. In case the biological mother undergoes hormonal stimulation and is being prepared for egg retrieval, the second visit may take up to 10 days. If we are talking about surrogacy using own eggs it is not recommended to leave the same day. Flying the following day is fine.The rules for sperm donation are similar as for the initial consultation – a man needs to abstain from ejaculation from 3 to 5 days before. After fertilisation the embryo development is monitored by embryology unit. The embryo transfer takes place on the 5th day. You will receive the protocol of embryo cultivation and transfer within 3 working days after the embryo transfer. HCG test, pregnancy confirmation. The first ultrasound scan is carried out in 2 weeks after the positive HCG test by the doctor in charge of the program. The report will be send the same or the next day after the check.
Pregnancy monitoring. Delivery. Obtaining of the birth certificate for the baby (up to 1 week).
This is some general outline of the process, all cases are different though. I hope it's helps. May your surrogacy journey be smooth and fast, so that you could hold your LO soon. Good luck!!
I am visiting them for my process. So far things are going really well. Their blog really attracted me as well. It is full of information. I really liked how the manager had mentioned each and every detail. I still check it every day. They give eall the information about the clinic on the blog. It is amazing to see how so many surrogates and IVF patients are being able to give birth. The doctors are really professional and amazing. So far things with them are going. My surrogate is in her 3rd trimester. I am really excited and hoping for the best. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way. I hope things work out.

Hello Monika. Good to hear about that. I hope everything goes well with your surrogate. This was really inspiring i must say. Your journey makes me feel better about mine. Keep updating us on your situation. Thank you for commenting. Good luck.
Hey. What great news. I'm so happy for you. Just don't overthink or get nervous during your journey. Try to enjoy each moment and the little things that happen. Don't lose hope if you experience minor setbacks. Its all a part of your journey. I hope you have your baby soon. Good luck.
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Hello Lara. Thank you for commenting here. It really means a lot. Thank you for the prayers too. So far it's going great. I'm in touch with my doctors. I will keep updating you guys here. Love, ya'll.
Good luck to you! I hope the process works for you. This must be very exciting and nerve-wracking for you. For this process, in particular, I have heard that it is very important to properly search about the country you are going to be visiting. This is because it is still considered to be illegal in a lot of countries. Apart from this make sure you properly research about the clinic. For the process, this matters a lot. The more experienced the doctor the better it will be. A lot of my friends have opted for the same process. They all are visiting a clinic abroad. I myself have got in touch with the clinic, however, for a different process. I read such good reviews about it that I was actually quite adamant to start my process with them. Good luck to you. If you need answers to any specific answers do let me know. Sending baby dust your way.
As you can see from all these posts you are in good company and will find plenty of support here. Infertility struggles consumed us for yrs. Though I already have a 2,7 yo kid conceived naturally the wish to have another one is stronger every other day. I'm not in the same boat. I'm 36 left with 1 ovary, POF and amhm praying for this moment to come soon for all ladies desperate for their well deserved babies!
You have indeed a lot of information on this topic. I believe doing research is an essential part of the process. When I was first dignosed with a problem I honestly didn't do a lot of research. It was like I didn't know what to do next. It was way later when a friend told me how important it was to not only research about the disorder but also to research about the clinic. I am glad I took her advice. It is because of that I made good decisions. Good luck to you.
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