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feeling so selfish Rss

I myself am in the same boat as yours. I can completely understand how difficult everything can get. However, dont be so hard on yourself I am sure things will get better. The journey is not easy but you have to really have faith in yourself. I hope things go smoothly for you! Just make sure to visit the right doctor for the process. The more experienced the specialist the better it will be for you. Sending baby dust your way.
I guess more investigations should be done on the case. I'm so sorry, hun, for no luck.. This is hard to survive. What did your dr say about this? Did he give any reasons? 
There are so many things which can be mixed up when ttc with no joy. The least we can do is healthy dieting, supplements, vitamins, active rest, acupuncture, doing sports so on. But the main message here goes to a good ferility expert. He's the one who might help. This is how our story restarted when we turned to a new clinic after faced a couple of bfns with the previous one. We were sent the list of required documents before consultation. These were: trasvaginal ultrasound check results. Breast ultrasound check results. Chest X-ray for both. Dr's certificate that I was healthy enough to carry out a baby and that pregnancy is not prohibited for me. Sperm count. This is what we had during 1st appointment with our overseas clinic. We underwent blood tests for both, pap smear, sperm count. Dr studied our medical records. She performed trasvaginal ultrasound check and evaluated our chances. Then dr explained us the treatment plan. She gave us meds needed for the protocol, we signed the papers. The timeline for IVF treatment usually goes something like this. For 8 to 14 days near the beginning of your menstrual cycle you take a type of fertility drug that stimulates your ovaries to develop eggs for fertilization. While taking these medications, you visit your doctor's office or clinic every two to three days to have your blood hormone levels checked and ultrasound measurements of your ovaries done. This allows your healthcare provider to monitor development of the follicles. When the follicles are ready, you get a trigger shot. About 36 hours after your trigger shot your eggs are ready to be retrieved. Your dr gives you an anesthetic and inserts an ultrasound probe through your vagina to look at your ovaries and identify the follicles. A thin needle is then inserted through the vaginal wall to remove the eggs from the follicles. Eight to 15 eggs are usually retrieved. You may have some cramping and spotting for a few days afterward, but most feel better in a day or two. Then an embryologist will examine your eggs before combining them with your partner's sperm and incubating them overnight. 3/5 days after the egg retrieval, some of the eggs become embryos. Then the embryologist selects the most viable embryo/embryos to place in your uterus three to five days after the egg retrieval. Extra embryos may be frozen and used for future IVF cycles. My heart goes for you. May all the answers be clearfied soon. Hugs x
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