Cathymccartney098 wrote:
Hello, hope you are feeling better. Sorry to hear about this. I know things are hard right now. But you gotta do something about it. You should start looking for fertility treatments that would suit you. I know of an affordable place you can go to for these treatments. let me know if you need help. Don't lose hope okay? Good luck.

It's a tough path with infertility treatments..As a general rule, the higher the number of good quality eggs, the greater the chances for fertilization to result in viable embryos, able to implant and lead to an ongoing pregnancy. The duration of this stage may vary on a case-by-case basis, with an estimated timeframe of 6-10 days. Throughout this stage, it is necessary to attend regular gynecological examinations in order to monitor follicle development and schedule a day for collecting the mature eggs from the ovary. In order for the embryos to be able to attach to the endometrial lining, it has to be prepared to receive them. In IVF procedures, it is achieved by means of fertility drugs that contain estrogen and progesterone. The goal is to make the endometrium acquire a triple-line pattern and a thickness of about 7 to 10 mm. But, unfortunately, for some reasons one of these phases might fail. So that you face sth like ovaries do not respond to meds. or the embies created are too weak to survive. Or you do get bfp, but dramatically loose it afterwards..Unfortunately a fertility clinic is not Lord to rule over all those things..The conclusion is to hope always but have this doze of realism which might save you from a complete heartbreak if it's bfn after shot #1.