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Extremely early positive test Lock Rss

I'm wondering if anyone has any information on very early positive pregnancy tests.

I've just had a positive at day 19 of my cycle, which is less than a week post sex! I checked because I had a recent (over 3 months ago) miscarriage and am a little on edge about trying again

It seems impossible that I can have a positive this early. And I've rechecked. Quite a few times. Any advise appreciated. I can't find anything useful on line about this. TIA.

Best to go to your gp
These tests usually are very tentative. One shouldn't really rely on them. I know people for whom these turned out to be later negatives. Early results can be due to the error in the equipment as well. Therefore, it is always wise to make sure that you wait. After waiting for at least 11 days then visit a doctor. Good luck to you. I hope you are soon able to conceive.
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