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Update on IVF Rss

This board has amazing moms, and quite informative. These boards are a motivation for others, who are confused about what to choose as a way out to infertility and live a blissful life. I had to go through abortions when I was young. Then I chose IVF but again I have experienced a miscarriage. We have decided to try this as our last resort. And I went for IVF again and luckily I am pregnant again. I wish everything goes well. Its good to know fellows that you have been so strong bearing all sort of losses and then finally making it to the right path. I wish everyone who is pursuing have a blissful journey.
Hi hazel,

Many many congratulations to you. I am happy for you. I wish you are pregnant and you have a wonderful pregnancy. You will give birth to healthy and beautiful child. God bless you..

Hi there! After nine months of waiting, your newborn baby is finally here. That calls for many hoorays and a loud, big cheer! May baby's life always be full of love, joy and laughter and may you all live happily ever after! Congratulations!
May I ask where did you pass ivf?
Wishing the best for you and your family.
Oh sorry for your previous loss. Stay hopeful! I'm also undergoing surrogacy at a repro center Biotexcom in Kiev. So, yes! They are already having an open house in London. So, yeah! Anyway! What about you? Where did you have your process? Anyway! Congrats to you. Best of luck! Stay strong! I hope you conceive. Keep going!
Hello dear! I hope you're feeling better now. I wish you didn't have to go through such a tough time. However, sadly many do. TTC is no easy thing. There are so many out there who face difficulties as you are. I think it's best to be patient and to be completely thorough in your research for alternatives. So far, you seem to be on the right track! smile Surrogacy is a great way for you to opt. I think you'll be quite happy with the result. If you're worried about the price point, there are some great fertility clinics in Europe you should check out. Just keep away from the likes of Adonis! Keep us updated!
Hello, Hazel. How are you? I hope you're alright. I'm so happy for you. This is great news, honestly! I'm glad it happened to you. I'd like to share my story. It was a mess! I had to go through so much difficulty. I suffered a lot with a clinic called Lotus. They were the worst, honestly. They made my life so hard! They had the worst equipment. Their staff was downright disgusting. They treated me horribly. I'm just glad I left it at a good time!
Sarah Willy Chadwick wrote:
Oh sorry for your previous loss. Stay hopeful! I'm also undergoing surrogacy at a repro center Biotexcom in Kiev. So, yes! They are already having an open house in London. So, yeah! Anyway! What about you? Where did you have your process? Anyway! Congrats to you. Best of luck! Stay strong! I hope you conceive. Keep going!

Ukraine surely has become a popular surrogacy destination for the infertile. I'm currently in 2 ww after ET 10th' Aug. After much gleaning in forums it becomes clear that Ukraine has some useful options to offer. First, surrogacy there is relatively affordable. With all-inclusive plans starting at 32k up to 50k, which covers absolutely everything outside of your plane tickets! Among services transportation, food, accommodations. All things that involve IVF for you if you are using your own eggs, surrogate screening and medical costs, birth at the hospital. It is also the same price if you choose to use donor eggs instead. It is a nice back-up plan to have if things don’t work out with your own-- at no additional cost!! This blews away. It's a rare thing to see this kind of all-inclusive plan anywhere else. The best part about it is that they guarantee you a baby. If the first surrogate doesn’t work out, they will try again with another using your frozen embryos until they are successful.
We have encountered other couples who chose Ukraine purely for the guarantee factor of a baby at biotexcom. Also ukrainian law favors the intended parents rather than the surrogate. Under it the baby is yours from the moment of conception. Once the baby is born, the birth certificate is issued with your names. The surrogate cannot claim any rights. Lastly, the procedure is time-wise there. Pregnancy can start right after embryos are created, as many women participate in surrogacy in Ukraine.
Hi there, Hazel! I hope you're in good health. Many many heartiest congratulations to you! You're very right, mate. This forum has amazing people who support one another. It is these people who guided me correctly and today, I'm a mother too. I can't thank them enough. I'm very sorry to read about your abortions. I know the situations must've been odd which is why you had to do it. It's totally fine, no one's judging you here. You should be proud of yourself. It takes courage to come up and share your story. I hope you had your IVF from a well-known clinic. This is very essential nowadays. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and a smooth delivery. Lots of love and prayers for you!
Such a great news it is. I am so happy for you. Which clinic did you choose? I want to know it for my friend. She also wants to go for it. She is a bit scared about this. I have heard that the success of the clinic depends on the clinic you choose. My best wishes are with you. I know that the infertility is never easy for you. I know how hard it would be. I know that you suffered a lot. So, in this case, IVF is the best. I hope that you will be a mother soon. I wish good luck to you. Now there is nothing to be worried about.
Hey, I am so happy for you. It is great to hear this. Well, To be a mother is a dream of every woman. I think you chose the best process. I have heard about this from many people. IVF is the great process if you choose the best clinic. Well, I think that if the clinic is best for you that IVF is successful. Tell me that which clinic you are choosing. Maybe it would help other in choosing. infertility takes a lot out of a woman. it is never easy to face infertility. I am happy that you didn't face a lot of difficulty. You moved on and that is the best decision. My best wishes are with you. I hope you will be a happy mother soon.
I am so happy for you! This is an amazing news. I hope everything goes smoothly. Just make sure to be very careful throughout this journey. Eat healthily and take the important nutrients. It is amazing to see how IVF has proven to be such a successful process. Good luck to you. Do keep us updated about your journey.
Hey, I am really sorry for you. Miscarriages are very hard to deal with. Sometimes it is not in luck to have babies. But through such, we can have the babies of our own genes. I hope you get your happiness this time. And don't face any miscarriage again. Mirth because of babies is unignorable. And every woman has a right to get this happiness. I hope this method will be successful for you. I was also facing infertility once. I used to think that everything is over. Then one of my colleagues suggested me to go for this method. I am enjoying motherhood now. May God bless you, dear.
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