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What was your IVF experience? Rss

I can understand how you are feeling right now. It can be exhausting and overwhelming sometimes. If you have survived it till know then you’ve got what it takes sail through it. Stay positive and hopeful. People may not understand but may mean well when they talk. On personal level I realized that having some information about my condition was good to manage things better. But also realized searching too much might give me a whole lot to think through. Sometimes the information discouraged me rather than helped. It could drain me. I realized that when my mind was overwhelmed it affected my mood, energy level, immune system and my day as well. Since than I concentrated on living well and enjoying each day that I get to live.
@JenniferAnny, I support your views. The clinic's choice is vital. In case somebody is looking for surrogacy/donor egg info, biotex com team is going to the USA early next year to hold an event like the one they had in London in November. It's a great chance to have an initial consultation with them in New York and get all necessary information about treatment at biotex com. You may follow the link and fill in the form to register Admission is free. Soon after the registration, you will get an email with information about the date and venue where the event will take place. The email will be sent to the address you provide on sign up. Hope this helps someone.
I hope some of the eggs make it past day 6. I know people for whom they do even afterward. Therefore, stay positive. I hope things go well for you. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way. Just dont stress a lot I know it easy for me to say that. Start preparing yourself for when the embryos is formed.
I should say that the embryo transfer is a fairly easy procedure. It is similar to a pap smear. It is much simpler than the retrieval!! You will probably not have too much discomfort or many side effects from the procedure. On the day of your ET, the lab experts will grade your embryos. They'll select the most viable one/ones for transfer. The embryo grading system starts with A being the highest quality and F being the lowest quality. Here please don't be overly concerned with the grade of yur embryos!! C grade embryos are the most common. while embryos with an A grade are much more rare. (We used donor egg for ivf at bio texcom clinic. They guarantee at least 3 A grade embie for the ET.)
Also take it easy after your transfer. There are different opinions about how long you should be flat on your back following the ET. Your doctor should give you directions on this. Because you will be flat on your back for a long period of time, your back will likely become very sore. Ask your doctor whether it is okay to take Tylenol or another medication to help ease this pain.
Post-Transfer. 1. Do not jump to conclusions on your pregnancy status based on your side effects!! Many of the shots you’ve taken and procedures you’ve undergone, in addition to the progesterone shots you’ll continue to take, may cause symptoms similar to those of pregnancy.
2. Try to stay distracted! Just to make the wait pass more quickly. Again, frequent movie/date nights, dinners out, or reading are good options to keep your mind off of the upcoming pregnancy test. Don’t push yourself physically; enjoy taking a break from physical activity.
3. Don't take a home pregnancy test!! At least earlier than before your scheduled blood test. The trigger shot contains the same hCG hormone that is detected with pregnancy tests, and taking a home test before the blood test can result in both false positives and false negatives!! Avoid this stress by avoiding an early test.
I hope this helps. Stay well.
Hi. There is absolutely no need to worry. Stressing about this is the worst thing you can do right now. You know how much stress might affect this. You don't want that happening. A friend of mine recently got her transfers done. She was so stressed about this. She gets paranoid really easily. It didn't work for her after the first one. She had completely lost hope. But a miracle happened after the second transfer. She conceived after that one. Her doctor suggested going with one blast at a time. I hope this story helped you feel a little better about this. Don't worry. I really hope it goes well.
JenniferAnny wrote:
Hi there! I have recently started my treatment. So I can't tell you from my own experience but many of my friends have conceived with the help of it so it is a successful treatment. It really depends on you and the clinic you are opting for. Clinics can really affect your chances. Good luck.

Hey. I agree with you. It worked for my friend too. Not the first time though. I'm glad you started the procedure too. I hope you're going to a good clinic for it. Hope it goes well for you. Good luck. Let us know what happens.
IVF treatment generally has positive success rates, especially for women under 35. However, like any medical procedure or medications, infertility treatments can have side effects caused by the process itself, along with medications used. In general, IVF treatment includes harvesting eggs and sperm, fertilizing the egg in a laboratory to create an embryo and planting the embryo in a uterus and/or freezing them for later use. In preparation for IVF treatment, women usually go through fertility treatments with medications and injections to increase the likelihood of success.There are ways to reduce the cost of IVF treatment, dependent upon your preferences and specific fertility clinic. Using donor eggs can drop the cost since egg retrieval is no longer necessary. And, it’s also possible to reduce the price tag by using your own frozen embryos. Since multiple eggs are fertilized and develop into embryos at one time, extras can be cryopreserved for a possible second or third cycle.Across the United States, the average cost for one cycle of In Vitro Fertilization is $12k and rarely lower than $10k. Often times, these numbers will not include medications, so it is important to choose the right fertility clinic. BioTexCom might be on the list.
I hope things went well for you. This period of TTC and treatments is so nerve-wracking. I have started doing yoga to help me release anxiety. The doctors, however, this time I am visiting are soo positive about things that it just makes me extremely happy. I believe you do need such type of energy in your life. I hope things go well for us. So far so good. Good luck to you.
I hope the one embryo that is of good quality does its magic. You only need one to make things work. I would say go for a FET and hope for the best. I can understand how confusing procedures like these can get. Therefore, it is very important to stay confident and strong. Good luck to you. I hope your doctor is experienced in this well. Sending baby dust your way.
Hi ladies, it's so good you are sharing your experiences, and I do encourage you to do whatever you can to stay relaxed during IVF - (Acupuncture is great for this). I practice acupuncture and see lots of IVF fertility couples who worry unnecessarily.

As mentioned by previous posters staying relaxed is really useful, and can reduce stress hormones which may impact outcomes, which is not what you want!

Check out my post on how stress affects fertility here if you would like to know more

For the most part you are in really good hands with your IVF specialist, they are really there to help and don't want you to go through unnecessary procedures- but it is easy to get frustrated when things take as long as they do.

Stay strong guys, you can do it!
We've been through de ivf. Though having used donor egg our sweetie resembles us) Being cute and healthy. This was the period when biology never meant much for me. No matter what options we take and what's the story of our babies' birth - they are with us.. fulfilling our lives for better. I'll never understand those who talk about genetic engineered kids - They've never been to the situation at all. They don't know how it feels to be infertile in 35 yo or even younger. They can't imagine how it feels to see negatives every other month when you're desperate for a kid. They've never suffered miscarriages pain. They know nothing! - So can't judge us! It was a years' war for us. Multiple miscarriages, one ectopic, 2 oe ivf rounds. And finally the last successful one – de ivf. I'd be thankful always to this place and its staff who did their best to fulfil our sacred dream!?
Thank you all for sharing your experiences so far, and it sounds like you have all had such different journeys. Good luck to you all! Have any of you tried acupuncture with your IVF treatment? It could potentially help increase the success rate up from the standard 18% in Australia. Check out this site for more info on acupuncture and IVF.
I personally had treatment myself when we hadn't conceived in two years of trying (and have a healthy 2y/o now). We weren't quite ready for IVF, and really happy I tried something natural before we went down the IVF road.
Don't dwell over things too much. It's all going to be fine. These things vary from person to person. So, for all we know, you're doing just fine. It also depends a lot on the doctor. I had a great first-time experience. I was so lucky, to be honest. I was 38 and the oldest and it worked out for me on the first attempt!
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