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What was your IVF experience? Rss

in our first cycle of IVF and are at the point where we're sitting tight for incipient organisms to transform into blastocysts. It's day five and just two out of the four are exceptionally youthful blastocysts. In any of your encounters, did any of yours take until day six? I'm simply attempting to keep the confidence, however, stressing that it's all finished today, at day five. I'm right around 41 and this will be my first and most likely just child. Furthermore, I'm so stressed. plzz share your experience.
Usually, it is till day 5 that things are concluded. So I can't say much. It really depends on your doctor. The transfer will be a FET? I hope you get to have good quality embryos. Stay positive about it. I know it can be really confusing. However, it will all be fine, don't worry.
Hey smart_mother. How did you go? We went to day 6 with one. We ended up with five embryos! I was 41 and first child. We now have a nearly three month old beautiful boy. Don't overthink, don't stress, don't worry about your age. It's not all doom and gloom and it's worth every second of unease and fear. Just go with whatever happens and breathe. You'll be fine. Stay positive. It'll happen!
Hi, I'm sorry you're going through this. Here's a couple of things to share. I'm 37 yrs oldie. we ttc 2 yrs. Soon diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes. Did the surgery which opened my right tube. Tried clomid iui #1 with no luck. Followed medicated cycles with monitorying, no baby. Did another lapo surgery. Again tried 2 ivf shots home. #1 ER 10 eggs, 6 fertilized - bfn. #2 FET - beta confirmed but then strated dropping dramatically. Both times stransferred 3 day embies. Actually I do think my little beans weren't strong enough to implant. We decided to switch the clinics, went to ukrainian biotexcom clinic where are currently undergoing donor egg ivf cycle. The clinic performs 5day transfers only. Moreover they guarantee at least 3 A grade blasts for the ET. so I'm hoping so much this will improve our situation.
Monikadavid399 wrote:
Usually, it is till day 5 that things are concluded. So I can't say much. It really depends on your doctor. The transfer will be a FET? I hope you get to have good quality embryos. Stay positive about it. I know it can be really confusing. However, it will all be fine, don't worry.

You're absolutely right. This choice depends on a clinic/dr. I've read somewhere young embriologists prefer putting back 3day embies. They tend to think it's easier for them to start developing in the natural circumstancies. To my view, it's not. Judging from my own experience. We'd tried 2 ivf with oe shots home before opted for donor egg. Both times they placed back 3day embies. Both shots failed. This time we're transferring 5day blasts. Our clinic performs it 5day only. Really want to try it 5day. They say our blasts will be much stronger for ET. GL's needed. Babydust to all!!
Same was my case the embryos were not mature and the doctors recommended us for the transfer. All three cycles failed in my case. Later we found out that its done 5day. The credibility of the clinic is very important for any treatment to work. Adonis clinic was a fail in my case, they had very young doctors who weren't very experienced in the IVF. Moreover, the results were misleading. Our money and time wasted. Glad that I have found my surrogacy destination to be very genuine this time. And I wonder why I didn't found it earlier? Because the heartbreak we went through was a major glitch in our marriage. However, we have discovered each other again.
Monicagr1704 wrote:
Our ttc wasn't easy at all. Our first try was a complete disaster. There were complications started from 9th week. On 11th week we had a scan which showed that the fetus faded on 7th week. That was a horrible time. I thought that was the end. But we still had 4 more tries. Second ivf cycle failed. And third one gave me my precious boys! So it wasn't simple thing to do. But all that was worth it. Yes, health of your baby is the most important thing! Don't bury yourself in doubts and thoughts which make you sad. Concentrate on your journey and be positive about it!

Hello, honey. I'm so sorry for the mc you'd gone through. I know how devastating it could be 'cause suffered one once myself. Though we all know there might be lots of reasons provoking mc, but we're never prepared for it when it actually happens. And it always feels like the ton of bricks thrown at you when you ask your dr why this happened to you, and he doesn't have the explanation. We start doubting if the clinic is really professional with its medical staff. Then getting more and more doubts until make the decision to switch. For some couples (like us) this becomes the best solution. For others it brings no actual result, but at least they know they are moving forward..Our journey in the home area ended up with a complete dissatisfaction, so we both knew for sure we had to seek luck somewhere else. Having paid out of the pocket for usuccessful treatments moving abroad was the only way out (mainly for affordable prices) but we did get much more from this journey. We made friends with some awesome people in the clinic, among its stuff, also other couples like us. We had the best experience of being successful from the DE IVF#1. (which was for the first time ever in our lives) We're incredibly lucky we've once got to know about bio texcom which made our dream come true. I'm currently prego with our first LO. It's the 2nd trimester, but even now I feel they do care about us with our little bean on board. and this is awesome! (you know the contract services are fulfilled when you reach 12wks of pregnancy). Even now I receive calls from our manager asking if the things ae going well for us. so sweet to know they're passionate of the work they're doing for people every day.
I cardially congratulate you on your precious baby boys. May your new life be fulfiled with lots of precious memories and joyful time spent together. May Lord bless you with the new role in life.
Cathymccartney098 wrote:
Hi. There is absolutely no need to worry. Stressing about this is the worst thing you can do right now. You know how much stress might affect this. You don't want that happening. A friend of mine recently got her transfers done. She was so stressed about this. She gets paranoid really easily. It didn't work for her after the first one. She had completely lost hope. Buta miracle happened after the second transfer. She conceived after that one. Her doctor suggested going with one blast at a time. I hope this story helped you feel a little better about this. Don't worry. I really hope it goes well.

Hi there! From a physician’s point of view, it is tough to quantify the degree that stress. Or know what type of stress can affect fertility, to start with. We know that intense stress can trigger changes to the menstrual cycle in women. For example, stress from such things as over-exercising, or not getting enough calories in the diet may shorten or even stop a woman’s period. It’s the body’s way of saying it isn’t a safe time to get pregnant. Because reproduction requires a safe environment and plenty of nutrition to make it successful. Stress also affects the release of LH. which is important in the maintenance of progesterone production. Progesterone helps to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. That's why a woman should dentify those things and make them a part of her day:
Yoga, meditation, massage and acupuncture are all proven methods for reducing stress. If your body fat level is unusually low, cut back on the intensity of exercise by moving to yoga and consume nutrients like protein. If you are experiencing stress but have a normal cycle, you should still seek out relief. Try increasing exercise to release the nervous energy or anxiety.
Some people recommend counseling. But is not effective for everyone! We all cope with stress differently. For example, some of us will feel less stress with acupuncture. while others may feel more stress from thinking about the needles. If it’s not helping, don’t continue it!
My advice for women undergoing IVF is: Accept that it’s going to be an uncontrollable situation no matter what your intentions are. The act of letting go might help you reduce anxiety, prevent depression, and hopefully, improve the outcome. Because added tension, whether from being childless or from the struggles of treating infertility, can affect quality of life, and that in turn can impact how emotionally and physically prepared couples are to complete weeks of treatment required in one or more IVF cycles.
MarilynRivera wrote:
Hey there! I m glad that you are going for assisted conception. IVF is a really treatment for infertility. As Monika mentioned in her comment most likely everything is settled till day 5. But it really depends on your doctor and your body. Circumstances are not same for everyone. Just stay strong and everything will be fine. Good Luck!

Exactly! A lot depends on the Dr. I've not been satisfied with our first fertility expert. She seemed not to take our needs and worries at heart. I suppose she was more likely to even say'' oh, hun, you shouldn't have waited for this long! Why didn't you start to think about ttc years ago?'' not literally of course, but she was quite cold to us. So we switched. Our next Dr was mush better, here i'm not saying he was a professional and that we could fully trust him..But at least he seemed more concerned. He advised us surgeries for the tubes opening. It didn't work out much though. then he wanted us to pass Clomid cycles IUI - bfn. Medicated cycles with monitorying with no luck. Later we tried 2 OE IVF cycles. again both failed. IVF#2 - beta confirmed, rising, then extremelly falling down - miscarried. So it was time to move onto donor eggs - this time overseas, at bio texcom. I'm currently in my second trimester =)
Infertility treatments involve significant financial, physical, psychological and time commitments. All these are perfectly balanced in biotexcom clinic, Kiev. I can hardly think of any other place offering such services for those money costs. Their ''guaranteed'' plans cover the IP from money loss! It says they'll try again and again unless the baby is placed in your hands. Drs and nurses keep an eye on your baby all the time, starting from the initial stage and up to the exit one. I absolutely love their weekly updates on fb which show the exact numbers. So many pregnancies/newborns to take care off! Reasons may be too complicated to deal with. But seems they treat even the toughest cases. We've made a couple of good friends during our stay there. All they lovely kind people open about their struggles and how their paths led them to this very clinic. Their surrogacy plans become more and more popular nowadays. 'cause they're 'win'win' plans. People from different countries seek for help there as many women participate in the programs, so the procedure is time wise and financially beneficial. We all deserve our kids. Be this through IVF, surrogacy, medicated cycles, or naturally. I'm wishing everyone the best of luck and support on the way.
Hey there! I hope you are feeling better. I m glad that you are not giving up and trying for your baby. No matter how much you try, it's worth it. Babies are such a blessing tbh. Just make sure the clinic you are opting for has experienced staff. Stay blessed!
Hi there! I have recently started my treatment. So I can't tell you from my own experience but many of my friends have conceived with the help of it so it is a successful treatment. It really depends on you and the clinic you are opting for. Clinics can really affect your chances. Good luck.
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